Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Multimedia Engg. College, Avadi, Chennai -8 Dec 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Vel Multimedia Engg. College, Avadi, Chennai -8 Dec 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hai friends,
    I'd like to share my experience and paper of SATYAM COMPUTER SERVICES held on 8th & 9th Dec 2006 at VEL MULTIMEDIA ENGG COLL, AVADI, CHENNAI.

    The rounds were APTITUDE, GD & HR.

    The first round was the ONLINE APTITUDE TEST. There were 15 questions to be answered in 30mins. All the questions were MULTIPLE CHOICE. But this time the marks allocation was distinct from the former patterns. There were distinct marks for each question, based on the difficulty level of the question. There were negative markings too for each wrong question. The negative marks were as follows:
    If the question carried 3 marks and u attempted wrong answer, then 25% ie 1/4th of 3 marks wud be cut from ur total score and this was followed for all the questions.

    I cud remember few questions which I m providing you here.

    1. A person invests Rs2000/- on SI of 1 paisa and a rupee for a month. How much he'd get at the end of 4 months. 
    (a) Rs. 2080     (b) Rs. 2070  (c) Rs. 2060 - i think this should be the answer
    (d) Rs. 2000     (e) None of these.

    But i didnt attempt to answer this question as i was not sure of the answer.

    2. A's Height is less than 100m tall. B is taller than A
      (I) B is 3 times taller than A
      (II)A is 30m shorter than B
    (a) Statement (I) alone is enough
    (b) Statement (II) alone is enough
    (c) Both the statements are required to conclude
    (d) (I) and (II) are independently sufficient
    (e) Relationship cannot be determined.

    3. Two trains A & B of some length (both different) lengths are travelling (sorry forgot the data). Find the time when the two trains will completely cross each other in opposite direction when the speed of the trains are 42kmph and 48kmph(not sure of the data) and find the time when the two trains will complately cross each other when the trains in the same speed are moving in the same direction. similar sum in RS AGARWAL

    4. A problem on permutations. Easy one

    5. One paragraph was given and 5 options for answer. We need to select the answer which does not imply the meaning of the paragraph. Easy again

    6. A problem on ages.

    7. A triangle has its height 5m less than its base. If the area of the triangle is 24sq m, wats the value of height.
     Formula Area if triangle = 1/2 x base x height
     hint:  height = base - 5

    8. number series. simple one. the series followed the difference of 48.

    9. There are 9 cities 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 and 9. In how many ways can the city 8 be connected from other cities, directly or indirectly.
    Simple one. From the given data the answer can be concluded. But I m Sorry to forget the data

    My personal suggestion is be cool and concentrate well on each question. U'l have enough time to solve these question. So dont fear. I completed the apt 5mins b4 the alloted time and hence I was able to recheck the answers and corrected a couple of them.

    The result was announced by 2030hrs on their website and I was happy to see my number in the shorlisted candidates.

    The next day was the GD round. There were 540 candidates and 10 candidates in one group. They had selected candidates based on their Body Language, Topic Presentation, Points to the topic, Conclusion and ofcourse how u behave in the team.

    Few topics were
    1. Should Cell phones be baned in colleges & universities
    2. Braindrain- is it good for india (This was my topic)
    3. Should Softdrinks be banned in India. 

    After the topic was told, we were given 2mins time to think on it and then discussion was lasted for 10mins. The results were announced after an hour and I was thru GD

    out of 540, 258 were shorlisted for HR

    The Technical HR & Gen HR was on the same day and in one round itself.

    My HR was just for 5mins and to my surprise, I was asked two very basic question in technical

    I knocked the door and the HR asked me to come in.

    I greeted him with a smile.
    He asked to sit.

    HR: Say something about urself
    ME: Said confidently and fluently

    HR: Wats ur father's business?
    ME: Said 

    HR: Wats the difference between WINDOWS OS & UNIX OS?
    ME: thought for a while (coz I belong to ECE dept) and said Sir, WIN is GUI based OS & UNIX is CUI (Comand User Interface) based OS

    HR: Wats the differnce between C++ and C?
    ME: Sir, C++ is OOP oriented whereas C is not

    HR: Wat do you know abt Software industry?
    ME: Explained for approx 3 mins

    HR: Ok thank u Rajesh
    ME: Thanked him with a smile.

    The result was putup on their website by 2145hrs on the same day and I was very happy to see my name in the final list of 153 candidates who were selected.

    This was my experience in SATYAM. Hope this helps you and i'd like to meet as many aspirants as possible at SATYAM

    List of interviews i attended

    PROTECHSOFT - out in apt
    WIPRO- Waiting for DOJ
    INFOSYS - out in apt
    CTS - out in apt
    IGATE - out in apt
    SATYAM- Will get DOJ within 3-4 days

    So my advice is not to lose hope coz every other day has a rise of new hope and opportunity

    Though u get taunts or words to listen from ur ambience, do not feel urself down with those tounts & words. Take them as challenge and work hard to get your dream goal. Definitely u'l succeed. This advice was given to me by my parents and friends and I m very much thankful to them for giving me support for my odd days and coz of whom I've finally succeeded. All the very best to you

    Rajesh Binani



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