Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Satyam Office, Near Fortune Tower,BBSR, Orissa-5 May 2010

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Satyam Office, Near Fortune Tower,BBSR, Orissa-5 May 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends,

    I want to share my experience of my dream companies interview which i had on may 5th, 2010 with  Satyam HR people.

    First there was a online written test on 2nd may, 2010 at GEC, Bbsr, Orissa. Around 15-20 colleges participated and 1000-1200 students appeared the written test. The result of written round was out on 3rd may, 2010 and out of these students only 50 students were selected for this next round.
    The next round was Technical and HR round which  was going to held on 5th may. I went to satyam office at bbsr on 5th may, 2010. There was 7 panels out of which 6 technical and 1 HR panel. I was called by evening 5.40pm for Technical.

    The HR was quite good and cool  when i entered first he asked me about why you want to join Satyam since you have 3 jobs in hand as prior to it was selected in 3 more companies  and  i said as it is my dream company, then he swithced over to my project . You should be through about your project. Since i have  done my final year project in image processing (DISP), as i belong to ECE branch we had code 0f 250 lines. He asked me to write the code also after i wrote 38 lines he stopped me and jumped to C. He asked me for questions from C.
    Then he asked me puzzles like
    1. He told me you take five 1's and do what ever you like and bring 120.
    Answer:  (11* 11)-1

    2. He made a triangle and said there is one temple in each corner of triangle and a pond  between two temples i.e., 3 temples and 3 ponds, A person went with some flowers and first dipped them in one pond it became double and offered some to one temple, then rest he dipped again in another temple and it became double again and then he offered some to another temple andrest again dipped to last pond and gav all flowers to last temple. At the end he found that all temples he gav same no. of flowers and no flowers remeined with him then he asked how many flowers did the person had intially and how he gave to each temple.
    Answer: 7 and 8 (the person had intially 7 flowers and gave 8 flowers to each temple).
    then he asked u say the fomula for this i said
    Answer: (2 to power n )-1 no. flowers the person had intially and   (2 to power n)  no of flowers he gav to each temple.
    {where and is no of temples in the question}

    Then he asked 2 more puzzles, then he asked from data structure,(as example of stack and queue, heap sort, quick sort) then he asked from RDBMS and C++ (as candidate key, normalization, new and malloc, calloc etc,)then he jumped to os as bios, cpu scheduling, etc then he asked to write a small program.

    Some questions i not able to recall anyhow then the HR said have a nice day. While coming when i came out it was 6.35pm i.e i had interview of 55 minutes. then after i went to HR interview at 7.00pm when i entered the HR said
    "HR: So Suman how was and you?
    ME: Fine sir.
    HR: How was your technical?
    ME: Yes sir my technical was fine and and i'm satisfied.
    HR:So suman your technical was so good so what i will ask you in HR , so you can leave now, have a nice day and we will get you back on monday i.e on 10 th may."
    ME: Thank You sir.
    Then i returned from bbsr that day i was quite confident i will get selected but instead of 10th may the result was out on 12th may and i got selected. I was very happy and now i'm in a intern till the joining of Mahindra Satyam.

    Good luck to all the guys who are going for Satyam interview and i suggest be strong in C, C++, RDBMS, datastructure, Operating system, final year project and Puzzles. 

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