Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Netaji Subhasah Engg. College,Kolkata-23 Jul 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Netaji Subhasah Engg. College,Kolkata-23 Jul 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am AGNIBHA ROY?..from NETAJI SUBHASH ENGINEERING COLLEGE,GARIA?KOLKATA?on 23rd we had a campus interview of SATYAM. So from the beginning of the day I was naturally nervous?Anyway I know I had to do it.. so I was pumping myself a lot. There was no  PPT for the students at the very beginning. Actually it was for them who was selected for INTERVIEW slot.
    Well?.aptitude test is all about time and synchronization in between time and brain?what I feel most its not all about practice. Everytime there will be something new to do

    APTITUDE TEST: there were two sets of questions.15 in each. Time was given 30 mins.
    Mind it NEGETIVE marking was there. so be sure before u do?I did 11 out of them and 10 was 100% right. So I got selected. i cant remind the question?but there r sums ,puzzles.. series?all u know and practiced.. i am sure about that.

    ME: good evening sir.
    SIR: ya sure?..take your seat
    ME: thank you sir.
    SIR: so ?.u r Agnibha (with smile)
    ME: yes sir (I was very firm from the starting).
    SIR: so?u can burn everything.. really horrible[:)]
    ME: not as human being sir[:)]
    SIR: girls are really taking your name?? i think
    ME: not really sir (dramatic)
    SIR: yyyy?you should go for girls.. how many u have??
    ME: no sir
    SIR: nooo?.(surprised)
           Well (he signed a form a give it to me and said go to that person.. you will appear in TECHNICAL INTERVIEW)

    SIR: so u r from???
    ME: north Calcutta sir (it should be kolkata)
    SIR: where in north???
    ME: Baranagar
    SIR: u r from this college (actually the venue was N.S.E.C.)
    ME: yes sir.
    SIR: u know DSP???
    ME: no sir.. i havn't studied yet.. it is in this semester
    SIR: ok ok . tell me what is your strongest subject???
    ME: Digital Electronics
    SIR: what is Digital???
    ME: I explained (impressed I think)
    (then he said to draw a common emitter mode transistor.. i did.. also a MASTER SLAVE JK FLIPFLOP?I did and explain?.he was impressed. and ask me about my marks in 10+2 and semesters?it is pretty good) Mind it if u have good results?your chance is high

    On that very day result was announced at 12 40 at mid night?I am very happy that I am among those 35 who r selected..

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