Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Narayana Engineering College-24 Jan 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Narayana Engineering College-24 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, This is naresh, pursuing my CSE from Narayana Engineering College. Now i am a third year student.
    First of all i want to thank freshersworld for providing me whatever the info i need.The selection procedure was changed recently.In previous days there was a G.D. which was an elimination round. but now onwards there will be no G.D

    Now there are only two rounds.
    1. Written test.
    Essay writing is also there but was not elimination round.
    2. HR
    Before getting into that i want to bring a new case to u happened to me. If u r eligible for satyam (i.e. having aggregate>60, having backlogs<=2) u will get a hall ticket listing out your name, reference no. In that my name was mistakenly put as prasad. I don't know what to do. I met my placement officer, he came to the venue & get our names corrected (there are few other people too). that's it. But that's not enough. I wrote my name correctly at the time of resume filling. But my name was entered into the database wrongly (what i got in my hall ticket). But i don't know that. If u get your hall ticket, it means that your details are entered in the satyam database. I was selected in written test and after that attended in HR round.

    Half an hour before the result announcement, I was separately called by satyamites (people of satyam are called so). There they told me the situation & also said that they can't help me. But i explained him the situation as i have done no mistake, he gave me an email id, to send the letter from my college about my name issue. But after two hours, i submitted the letter (i get the letter 4m my college through email from my placement officer sir, who helped me a lot in getting the job). Then he said that my result will be sent to me by email.

    After waiting few days, i contacted them & provided the proofs like college id, marks list scanned files. After that they sent me the mail of selection. All this process took nearly one month.So i advice u people to check your name in hall ticket. If there is any mistake (even a single letter which will mismatch with ur actual name) u should contact with satyamites before going to exam or even at the venue.

    Written test was conducted for us on 29th jan 2008. Hr was conducted on 28th feb 2008. But my result was told to me on 19th march 2008.So take care.

    Written test will be for 15 bits for 15 marks, which have -0.25 negative marks. Better to go for book Quantitative Aptitude by R.S.Agarwal, Verbal & Non Verbal by R.S.Agarwal. It provides the basic knowledge of the bits.If u r selected, u will be asked to write an essay along with resume filling (both will be in single book-let) first two pages for resume, final for essay. My topic was Using mobile phones in class rooms is good or bad.

    In HR, dress professionally like wearing tie, shoes.

    On interview, at initiation he will ask simple questions like distance to near cities, journey times. No need for accuracy.
    I answered wrongly in tension but was not bent even after finding that. He watches our confidence only but not digits.
    Then he watched my essay which i wrote along with the resume & asked few questions about my opinion & tried to let me to change my opinion. But i gave detailed explanation for my answer. He was impressed by my hand writing.
    then he asked my self details. After that he asked me my 3-2, 3-1 subjects. Selected one from them (UML) & asked questions on that. I answered few and said I don't know for one he asked me to tell the real time example of class. I told that. After that he asked my interested subject & i answered as CN which was not told by many of my friends. & he asked me "what is band width". In my confusion of having that question, i answered wrongly, then leaned back into his chair but i explained in which area of networks, bandwidth is used in what way in detail. Then he offered me to ask about anything, then i asked that "what kind of  training can i expect from "OUR" company. We must address the company as ours. That's all.

    Prepare well, get the laurel
    All the best.

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