Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Mallareddy College Of Engineering.-12 Mar 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Mallareddy College Of Engineering.-12 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Satyam paper on 12th March at Malla Reddy College of Engineering.

    Hello Friends, This is "Phani Bhagawan" pursuing my 3rd year Engineering at Holy Mary Institute of Technology and Science. We had Satyam pool drive at Malla Reddy College of Engineering. First of all before you attend the exam you need to have a brief account of the examination prospects of Satyam.
    Here are they:
    The total paper consists of 15 questions and the total alloted time is 30 minutes.
    Valuation basis: We have negative marking in Satyam i.e., 1 mark for every correct answer and 1/4th mark would be deducted for every wrong answer and we also have upper and lower cutoff i.e., please never try to attempt all the 15 questions. Try to attempt the number of questions ranging from 7 to 9.
    The Syllabus was
    * Profit and Loss
    * Simple and Compound Interest
    * Probability(slightly)
    * Time and Work. Time and Distance
    * Logical questions
    * Small puzzles
    and basic English.

    Just refer R.S. Aggarwal that's it. If you are going to GRE Barron's 12th Edition. It's an added advantage
    The questions paper consisted of the following:
    1) A question like this he gave a=0 and b=1 and asked us to find the value for the number 5
    Ans. (bab) convert 5 to binary(101)
    2) Missing number series damn tough(don't attempt, Its simply waste of time)
    3) From time and work a and b can do a piece of work in 20 days. b and c can do it in 12 days. 
    c and a can do it in 10 days. Then how much time will a alone would take to do the work (direct from R.S.Aggarwal without changing the numbers)
    4) From reasoning a bit difficult
    5) Again reasoning the question was very big
    6) A rectangle problem from areas
    7) Logical deduction
    8) He gave Ten statements and we have to deduce the 11 statement by using this 10 statements
    9) A problem on Compound interest(direct from R.S. Aggarwal without even changing the numbers)
    10) A passage was given a logical inference should be made.(very big but easy one)
    11) A problem on permutations(damn easy)
    12) A problem from data interpretation. It was on line graphs very big not easy to deduct the solution
    13) A problem from profit and loss(Direct from R.S. Aggarwal he didn't even change the numbers)
    even the other two were from reasoning.

    Second round:

    This was the essay writing round.
    The prospects are 300 words essay in 10 mins.
    The topics were as follows.
    The appreciation of rupee and it's impact on the IT sector.
    Why do you want to join Satyam?

    Third round:
    This is the HR interview round
    There were 13 different HR's and i was posted to no 9
    This was the following conversation:
    Me: May I get in sir?
    HR: Ya please
    Me: Can i take my seat?
    HR: Ya please
    HR: So your a North Indian?
    Me: No sir South (looking at his eyes and shooting a smile)
    HR: oohk can you just explain your essay.
    Me: That was a latest topic and i knew it pretty well. I took a paper and explained in detail.
    HR: What is Globalization and is it a boom or an advantage to India?
    Me: This was a geart topic indeed and i had previously given this topic as a seminar in my class. So that made things simple.
    I explained him on a great note with examples he was impressed
    He gave me a pencil and asked me "how would you sell this pencil"?
    I told him the following:
    It has a great graphite content.
    It is made from one of the most finest wood in India.
    It is reliable.
    It is cheap in cost.

    HR: Ok your from ECE?
    ME: Yes sir.
    HR: Explain optical fibers
    ME: Explained neatly.
    HR: What is team work.
    Me: I started this answer with a quote saying that "Start by doing what is necessary and then what is important suddenly your doing the impossible". So saying this i started explaining him about team work he was really impressed.
    HR: Finally explain VLSI.
    Me: Write from Transistors I explained him diodes IC's and atlast VLSI totally even he showed some interest in that. He also asked me on "steganography" 
    HR: Ok phani thank you soo much.
    Me: thank you sir thans a lot.

    My interview lasted for about 50mins and it was great
    The results were declared at 9:40 at night and luckily i was one among the 117 selected candidates

    Interview tips:
    Just have a grip on the baisc of your concerned branches like ECE, CSE, IT, Mech, EEE always put up a smile speak loud and clear English.
    Nod Your head and hands every time, sit comfortably in the chair. Always look at the interviewer. If you have a chance explain the things on a piece of paper. Speak slow and neat English. Don't ask for water, Don't take out your hankey outside. Don't put your hands in your pocket. Daily read news paper and stress more on the latest happening that would fetch you a lot.

    So all Guys and Girls good luck for your dreams. All the very best

    Phani bhagawan(Aim high. Think big)

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