Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KSRM College, Kadapa-12 Feb 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   KSRM College, Kadapa-12 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Satyam paper on 12th February,2008 at KSRM College, Kadapa

    Hai Friends, This is Samba Siva Reddy.B  Studying 4th semester from MCA (Master of Computer Applications) in Annamacharya Institute of Technology and Sciences (AITS) Rajampet. I attended Satyam on pool campus written test on 12/02/08 Tuesday and Technical and HR on 13th Wednesday conducted at KSRM college Kadapa and  I got selected for the Satyam on 13th Feb 2008. First f all i wd like to dedicate my success to my parents, my friends & to all those who wished me luck.

    The Satyam is conducted a campus recruitment process at KSRM Eng College on 12th &13th of February on 2008. The Students from various colleges participated in the campus recruitment drive KSRM, AITS, Gates, Vagdevi, Spirits, SKD. The written was conducted on 12th Around 973 students attended for the written test, around this only 129 students are selected in the written test. The Technical & HR is conducted on 13th and finally 74 students are selected for the Satyam. 

    I would like to share my experience with you & hope it would prove very valuable for you in the upcoming period. Be formally dressed and look presentable for the interview. Remember the interviewer will be watching you from the moment you enter the room be polite and patient and listen to them obediently do not be in a hurry to answer the questions think for a while and then reply.

    The interviewer will normally be an experienced proffessional of the company. So do not try to pretend infront of him he will judge you in minutes. Do not fake or make up stories interact with him as much as possible. Speak the truth be honest dear friends and you will be selected.
    Selection Procedure: In Satyam the selection procedure consists of 3 phases.

    They are

    1. Written Test

    2. Essay Writing

    3. Technical and HR


    1.Written Test:

    The written test consists of 15 questions will be answered in 30 minutes. The written test is mainly based on arithmetic. The written test evaluation process consists of higher cut and lower cut. So please be careful in answering. In written we got questions from the following sections.
    a) Data interpretation-1 question

    b) Coding and decoding-1 question

    c) Seating arrangement-1question

    d) Data sufficiency-1question

    e) Simple, compound interest-1question

    f) Probability-1question

    g) Ages-2questions

    h) Time and work -1question

    i) Time and distance and trains-2questions

    j) Technical-1question(other not remembered).

    After the announcement of written test result all the qualified candidates are called for the filling of the our personal data(with photo) after that on the same sheet they provide an empty page for essay writing.

    2)Essay writing:

    The essay was conducted formally, the essay are not considered for the elimination process, but the time HR round the HR will check the essay and ask questions from that. I got essay ?About Telangana Issue?.

    3)Technical and HR:

    I am waiting for the interview still from 8am to upto 3.30pm, and entering into the HR room exactly at 3.30pm and the interview going on upto 3.45pm. The interview process will be goes like this. The HR is about 60-65 aged person.
    ME: may i come in sir?
    HR : come in.
    HR: Take your seat
    ME: Thank you  sir
    HR :  Are you completed you are lunch

    ME:  Ans

    HR: You want water.
    ME: No sir. 
    HR: Are you compotable & place you are documents on the bench

    ME: Yes sir

    HR: Tell me about yourself?
    ME: Ans
    HR: Tell me about your family background.

    ME: Ans

    HR: why you choose that college without considering anantapur

    ME:  Ans

    HR: Tell me about degree combination subjects

    ME: Ans

    HR: He ask question from Number Theory

    ME: Ans

    HR: Explain about you are GD topic(About Telangana Issue)?

    ME: Explained my views about Telangana in 3 minutes.

    HR: Explain about Normalization?

    ME: Ans

    HR: Explain about Normalization Forms(1st,2nd,3rd and 4th)?

    ME: Ans

    HR: Expalin about RDBMS

    ME: Ans

    HR: Tell me about you are class Strength and your rank in class?

    ME: Ans

    HR: Tell me about your academic subjects studied up to now (1 to 4 sem)?

    ME: Ans

    HR: Tell me subjects studied in the present sem (4th )?

    ME: Data Warehousing and Mining and Advanced Java

    HR: What is Star Schema (from Data Warehousing and Mining)?

    ME: Explained about schema and satisfied the HR

    HR: Asked about the year gap after degree?

    ME: Explained

    HR: Any Queries?

    ME: I asked the 2 questions

    HR: answered nicely .

    I take coaching for the ICET from Times Coaching Centre Hyderabad. That?s as a times student I am very confident on my Arithmetic and Reasoning skills, I prepared only the times material only.


    Please be prepare well the Verbal & Non Verbal by R.S. Aggarwal, be solve the problems by understand the concept without that near waste to practice.

    Be original, be daring, be different and thats the 1st step to be an Satyamite.

    Best of luck, friends.

    I wish you all the best!

    See you soon at Satyam!        

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