Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CVR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad-23 Sep 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CVR College Of Engineering, Hyderabad-23 Sep 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hi friends,

    This is Y.Premanand. I'm happy that I've been selected to SATYAM COMPUTERS. I'm from CVR College of Engineering, AP.
    In this post I've mentioned my complete interview experience. Hope this would help you in cracking SATYAM.
    And sorry for posting this message late.

    Coming to the point.....

    The recruitment process started on 23rd of Sep' 06. Aptitude was conducted at our college(CVR). The paper was a bit tricky because none expected that we would be asked logical reasoning.
    In the aptitude we were asked 15 questions each of 1 mark with 1/4th negative marking - duration 30mins. There were 4 logical reasoning questions, 2 data interpretation questions and remaining were general quantitative type(prepare R.S.Agarwal).
    Questions were asked on percentages, ages, discount, probability, partnership, time & work etc.

    Next step was the GD part, this was conducted on 29th of Oct' 06. I was given the topic "SHOULD AFZAL BE HANGED OR NOT". There were 10 members in each group. In our group only 3 were selected for next stage. I didn't initiate the topic but took my stance in between for 5 times of small intervals and I let others to speak. Some members made a lot of noise in the GD and were disqualified.

    Other topics were..
    1. India at Oscars
    2. Microsoft's role in the software industry
    3. One case study was asked
    4. International terrorism

    This is all I remember..

    The final stage started in the afternoon and I was sent to the interview panel in the third batch.
    There was only one person sitting in the room. The interviewer was very cool. When I entered the room the interviewer smiled and asked me to take the seat. I thanked him and sat.

    He started the interview process with the age old question -
     1. Tell me about yourself? 
     2. What are your strengths and weakness?
     3. Can you tell a situation where you exhibited your adapatbility? (This question he asked me because I spoke about my adaptability nature in the strengths)
     4. What are your hobbies? (I mentioned surfing internet etc.)
     5. What is an internet?
     6. To how extent is internet useful?
     7. What is search engine?
     8. Which is the most popular search engine?
     9. What is difference between and
    10. How do u make a site popular?
    11. What is URL?
    12. If you are the team leader and one of your team member is very arrogant but he is very intelligent, then how would you handle the situation?
    13. As you are from EEE then how can you compete with other computer graduates?
    14. Finally I was asked a bit about my family background.

    My interview part completed in the afternoon 2PM but I was waiting for the result which was mentioned at 7PM. So, your patience matters a lot.

    Basically, I am EEE graduate. I was not asked any question related to computers. But CSE and IT people were asked computer basics and someothers were asked about their final year project. I think I'm very lucky in the interview part.

    But friends, even non-computer graduates can be asked about C, Data Structures, Microprocessor etc. So, be prepared with all the basic concepts related to your branch.

    In the entire process the interviewer was just looking at our "eye contact, clarity in speech, body language, confidence, truthfulness, patience". So, friends be confident and don't bluff to them. If there is any negative point(year gap, arrears) in your resume accept it frankly but never bluff.

    The exact figures are here....

    Total candidates appeared for the aptitude test ---  627 
    Candidates qualified for GD                            ---  304 
    Candidates qualified for interview                    ---  142
    Final selected candidates                                 ---  98

    So, friends this is all that took place in the recruitment drive. Hope this would help you in your future endeavours.


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