Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CEC, Landran-16 Mar 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CEC, Landran-16 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    Hiiiiii Friends....

    I m Sahil Garg from S.B.S.C.E.T Ferozepur, Punjab

    There were a few eligibility criterias: 60% throughout career(as per university rules). There must not be any backlogs. There must not be more than one year gap in the accademics atr any stage.


    There were three rounds.

    1)Aptitude Test:-
    In apti, there were 15 ques n time alloted was haf n hour. all the questions were from R.S.Aggarwal n were very easy but a little bit lengthy also.

    If u attempt only 7-9 ques then u are cleared . i also attempted only 9 questions. Plz dont try to attempt all the questions

    There was negative marking also but there was provision to change ur answer.From 4300 people, only 1300 were selected for the G.D

    Second round was Group Discussion and also the main elimination round.. In one group, there were 10 students n mostly they had selected 3-4 persons from one group.

    300 persons were selected from the GD.GD topics were Dating,Brain-Drain,Pollution etc.Try to give 1-2 good points in the GD with confidence.They will see only your mind not the communication skills.

    3)HR interview:-
    In HR,they had asked mostly the technical questions that i had mentioned in my  resume. All questions were very easy. Here also they will see ur confidence. From me, they had asked questions like link list, double link list, insert a node in it, heap sort, operating system, Database etc.

    From 300, they selected only 125 persons n i was one of them.

    So best of luck my friends.

    see u in satyam.


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