Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CEC Colleg Of Engg.,Chandigarh-16 Mar 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   CEC Colleg Of Engg.,Chandigarh-16 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hii evry1..dis is shalesh midha frm hindu college of engineering sonipat.our college visited cec college of engineering chandigarh to appear fr satyam written exam on 16 march 2007.It ws of same pattern as it has been in past.

    15 ques--30 minutes...negative marking of 1/4 thru out.we got da result next day thru r sum of da ques of dis ws plsss do remember in dis exam 7 ques attempted properly can get u thru...dnt go fr quantity.i attempted 8 ques out of 15 out which only 1 ques i wer sure shot..nd i got r da ques

    1)if an amount doubles itself in 5 years den in wat time will it get 16 times?
    ans-20 yrs

    2)if a circle is inscribed in a a square of area 112 sq mt.wat is da area covered by circle?

    3)if the probability of passing of 3 students in an exam is 1/2,1/4,1/5 .wat is the probabilty dat atleast 2 students passed da exam?(probabilities i mentioned above r nt exact..i dnt remember dem exact)

    4)1 flow chart problem sumthin lik dis

    10 t=t+10

    20 t1=2

    30 t2=t1+1

    40 t3=t2*10

    50 t4=t3+10*5

    60 t5=t4/2

    70 t6=(t*10)+t1*t2+t3+t4-t5

    80 if (t1<3) den go to 20

    print t6

    ans-i wasnt able to do dis ques bcoz value of t ws nt clearly i think its ans is none of da ques type ws dis only

    5)(time nd work problem)if 4 machines r workin togeder..nd 5/8 work is fineshed by dem..if rs 22 is da cost of workin of 1 machine for 1 day..den find da cost of all da machines fr finishing da work.(appx it ws dis ques..cant remember da exact figures nd language)

    6)(inserting da missing no) none of da values mentioned below r dnt solve dis da format ws exactly da practic dis type.


                  212 223

               184 156 253 

             23   34     45    56

           3   5   7  9   2  5   7  6

    7) to 10)-3 ques based on english

    reasoning type ques..nw all of us usually take english to be in dis exam dese 3 ques wer da practic english reasoning ques vry well..

    11)if 19 april 1999 was friday.den wat ws da day on 19 april 1989?

    12)if a seller offers succesive discounts of 10% nd 20% on an article.even den he makes a profit of 26%.den by how much  percentage list price was marked over the cost price?

    13)it ws a puzzle based on rs aggarwal verbal nd nonverbal puzzle test.

    rest 2 ques i dont remember..

    i still hav to appear fr GD nd interview so will tell u all da rest of ma experience after dat..till den pray for me nd best of luck to all of u.

    shalesh midha

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