Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Anna University,Tamilnadu-14 Jun 2008

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Anna University,Tamilnadu-14 Jun 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Satyam paper on 14th June at Anna University, TamilNadu.

    Hi Friends, I attended an off-campus drive for Satyam on June 14, 2008 in Anna University, Trichy, Tamil Nadu. I feel sorry for Satyam for missing me. But I have immense pleasure to share the valuable experience that I got there. As Per our schedule it starts at 2.00 pm. But I reached there around 9 am to get used to the condition. It was so hot out there and I also feel the heat since it?s my maiden interview. All set to begin. We are asked to fill up the hall ticket around 12 noon.
    Don?t forget your reference number in the hall ticket since the get back the hall ticket after the aptitude and you are referred by that reference number in further selection process. It's about 1.45pm we asked to enter into the hall college wise. As they are so many students they conducted aptitude in 3 batches. Fortunately I belong to the Batch 1. I am so confident about aptitude but when I enter into the hall I get perplexed. I would like to add a note here, don?t get trapped by this situation It?s a crucial juncture where you have to held your nerves. It was 2.35pm when they finish the seating arrangement. About 2.40 they distribute the answer sheet where you are asked to fill your ref no, name, 10th, 12th and your Degree percentage and also about your backlogs if any.

    It was a single sheet which organize the 15 questions with multiple choice as 5 as  follows
    1)            a            b            c            d            e
    We are asked to put a X mark over the corresponding choice (It may vary, so keenly go through instructions provided in the question paper Since one of my friend put a tick mark instead and get eliminated). Fine At last they provided the question paper at 2.45PM. Kindly go through the instruction provided in it. It was 15 Questions and 30 Minutes. ?ve Mark is 0.25 for each wrong answer and 1 mark for correct answer. So be careful while answering.

    The questions are as follows
    1. The present population of a city is XXXXX (I don?t remember the actual value). What is the difference between the population 3 years and 2 years ago. (Very easy).

    2. A number series problem. ( I didn?t find it )

    3. It was big question about greedy thieves who rob large no of gold coins and stay in a home at night. They Planned to divide it equally on tomorrow and went to sleep. Each thief take some amount of gold coins and leave some amount (Sorry I forget the actual value.) At last the remaining amount of coins is XX. Then what is the original amount of gold coins (I didn?t answer it)

    4. A time and distance problem (Very easy)

    5. An another big passage about coding a integer into binary values as per the given rule and they ask the result of equation. ( I not even try to solve as it was so complex)

    6. A logical puzzle. Once again a large passage. The problem is to put Seven types of Birds A,B,C,D,E,F,G into some amount of cages. They give some restrictions on putting a bird on cages. (I didn?t answer it. I took some time in solving this puzzle but all in vain. I got little panic at this time as I consumed about 15 min and only answered 2 out of 6.)   

    7. A calendar problem (Thank god, Easy one, I solved. But once again I took too much time.)

    8. i) a2 + b2 = some value
       ii) ab = 22.
    To find the values of a and b we need
    1) statement (1) only
    2) statement (2) only
    3) Both statement (1) and (2)
    4) Either (1) or (2)
    5) None of these (Very very easy. I got my confidence back. Since it took only about 10 seconds)

    9. Conclusion from passage type problem. Once again a big passage, I apply the a reverse method here i.e., take a choice and check whether it is true in the passage. Fortunately I got the 3rd choice as right ( I smell the success at this time).

    10. An another conclusion from passage type problem. It?s also a big passage. But this time fortune is not in favor of me. I took about 3 minutes and unable to find out the solution. (I scold myself at this time as I wasted some precious time)

    11. A tree height problem. Present height is some value and if it grows by 1/20th of  its height then what will be its height in 2 years. (Easy one and I answered)

    12. A Probability type problem. There are 5 women and 4 men and how many ways  that we can form a group which contain more women than men.. (I give up this as I didn?t remember the method that has to apply this type of problem)                                      

    13. A figure series problem. (Easy one but it required a clear frame of mind. I did it) 

    14. A number pyramid is given and asked to find out a number in the apex ( Easy  and I answered )

    15. They given a no with its last digit as * (unknown value) and ask what value it would be so that it is divided by 72. (At this time I heard ?Time Up?, Incautiously I made a guess at it. I don?t know what forces me to guess the answer. But it happened in a flash and unintentionally)

    The Satyam People who took charge this preliminary told that the result will be announced after 6 and also told that the HR will be tomorrow. I will definitely thank the god for postponing the HR round. I get dehydrated because of hot climate and feel so weak around 5.

    The Climax: With a lot of enthusiasm all those who appeared in aptitude gathered in front of the main building there around 6. But the result is announced only at 7.15. They started to announce the result college wise. My college is the first. Everyone feel their heart in their mouth. But I, tired by dehydration, lying below a tree there with some sort of uncertainty. They announced by name. My friends put me up and say you get selected da. I would like to say thanks to my good friends Magesh and BalaSundaram at this time, who take care of me when I suffered by dehydration and also pumped me up with the words of consolation.

    Bottom line: Luck is a spoon of sugar. Hard work is a glass of milk. God give the spoon of sugar to only those who have the glass of milk. It's really true even though I wander with various thoughts while answering the question I get selected and the reason behind that is I worked really hard for aptitude for the last 20 days by spending at least 8 hours per day and reap the benefit of those hard work when it matters. I think the Lower cut off is 6  as one of my friend get selected by answering only 6 questions.

    My suggestions: To be honest, I am not good at solving aptitude. So I worked very hard to get rid of it. ?HardWork? is the only medicine to cure the disease called ?Failure?. Ya it's true. My success is truly because of my hard and smart work. So work hard you will definitely reap the benefit. The Books I followed are
    1. Quantitative aptitude by R.S Agarwal
    2. Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning by R.S Agarwal
    3. Analytical Reasoning by MK Pandey

    Filling up the Resume: After the completion of announcement, we people who are cleared the aptitude are asked togather in a room there and we are asked to fill up the resume form given by them. In that form they ask about our personal details, reference, and percentage in 10th, 12th, and degree. There is also some fields for academic mini-projects, extra-curricular activities and for some additional information. Be careful while filling up this form since the question in HR will be based on this. After completing the 2 pages of that Resume form, You are asked to write a essay about 300 pages on the third page of the form on the topic they give. My Topic is ?Other side is always look greener?. It is conducted to asses how good we are in English and also our understanding of the topic. Other topics are

    1. Growing up in a small town
    2. Have you ever struggled for something and end with failure
    3. How your friends know you
    4. Whom do you want to interview and why
    5. Living for working or working for living

    It was around 9 when they get back the resume form. We are instructed to be there at 8am, next day for HR. In this way the most unforgettable day of my life ends. And I went to sleep with endearing dreams.

    The day 2: We all gathered in 8am. They call us by our reference no and form various batches. I was designated to Batch 9 and instructed to take my interview in room no 210. There are 5 students in my batch including me. I was called as 3rd person.

    The Interview:  

    ME: Excuse sir, May I come in
    HR: Yes Come in. (When I tried to open my mouth to wish good morning to him)
    HR: Take your Seat.
    ME: Thank you sir.
    HR: TamizhVendan. am I pronouncing correct?
    ME: Yes sir, you are right (With a slight smile)
    HR: Ok TamizhVendan, Tell me about your family background
    ME: I am hailing from a typical middle class family. My father is working as a  accountant in a small retail store
    HR: Which store?
    ME: Cement store sir
    HR: Ok, continue
    ME: My mother is a house wife and I have a younger sister who is doing her first year in  BE ? CSE.
    HR: What's your hobbies?
    ME: My Hobbies are Participating Technical Internet Forums, Playing Cricket and Origami.
    HR: Origami. What is it.
    ME: It?s a Japanese art of folding paper into creative shapes sir?.
    HR: Oho. How do You learn it.
    ME:  Sir I was inspired a documentary about origami in National Geographic channel. Then I surf the net and get a ebook about origami and learn about it sir.
    HR: So you learned it by reading those instructions in that book.
    ME: Yes sir.
    HR: Do you watch Movies.
    ME: Occasionally sir.
    HR: Do you watch TV.
    ME: Yes sir. I watch roughly about an hour.
    HR: What kind of programs do you watch in TV?
    ME: News and Cricket sir.
    HR: News. Well what is the recent news.
    ME: Inflation rate rises to 8.75% which is 7 year high sir.
    HR: What is the reason for that.
    ME: They are several factors but predominantly they are two. The first one is the supply Side factors i.e. supply
    doesn?t meet it's demand sir. Another factor is rise in Crude oil price.
    HR: Oh! What is the oil price now
    ME: It's 135$ per gallon sir ( I made a mistake here).
    HR: Gallon. Are you confident about it?
    ME: Yes sir. I am confident about it..
    HR: What is gallon.
    ME: It is a measure to scale liquid sir.
    HR: Then what is barrel ?
    (Now I got that It is barrel but I told it as gallon wrongly. As I told I am confident about that answer I didn?t confess my mistake)   
    ME: It is also a measure sir.
    HR: What is mean by m3
    ME: Meter cube sir. Used in volume measurement.
    HR: What is meant by CC.
    ME: Sorry sir. I am unaware of this domain sir
    HR: Any other recent news is there.
    ME: There is a debate on IPL sir.
    HR: What is it all about.
    ME: It's about whether IPL is a success or not.
    HR: What is your view on it.
    ME: It is a successful one by money wise but it opens a wrong door for younger players sir?
    HR: Why you say like that.
    ME: In T-20 form of cricket you are encouraged to play unorthodox shots which would fluctuate the techniques of a batsman and it was hard for them to cop up in one day and Test cricket. Any one can hit a six sir. But only very few have the ability to stand and deliver a good innings in a test match. So Test cricket is the only form of cricket which test the techniques and temperament of a batsman sir.
    HR: What's your favorite subject in Twelfth standard.
    ME: Computer Science sir.
    HR: Ok TamizhVendan. Can You solve a problem in maths.
    ME: Yes sir, I can (He Drew a 28x24 rectangle and ask me to form a box with large volume by cutting a square of same size in all the four corners)
    ME: Sir, Can I take some time to solve this problem.
    HR: Take your own time(Nothing comes into my mind about that problem. But I pretend like solving that problem).
    HR: Do you think can you solve this problem
    ME: Yes sir, I can(After some time I give up and said him sorry sir I am unable to find the solution for it sir)
    HR: It's ok, Do you think this problem have the solution
    ME: Every Problem has the solution sir.
    HR: But So many problems in the world don?t have solution
    ME: Yes sir. But for those problems that we don?t have the solution in today may have the solution on tomorrow. Its all depend on how we look at it sir.
    HR: Yes. But still there are certain problems that has been proved that there is no solution for it.
    ME: Yes sir I accept your view sir. But those are exceptions. Exceptions are not examples sir
    HR: Ok TamizhVendan I am Satisfied with your answer you can go now.
    ME: Thank You sir.
    (Since its my maiden interview I don?t know whether I answered properly are not if you find any mistake kindly remind me through Email)

    The panel interview:

    After HR, they conducted a panel interview as an additional round. Around 30 people were selected and I was one among them. I blame myself for the downfall in this round as I was not prepared for this kind of panel interview. There are 3 people in that panel and each one pick a topic and ask from it. I felt this as a rapid fire round. It finished in a flash. Really I struggled to answer the questions, as they asked almost simultaneously. Finally after 1 week they announced the result and Satyam missed me. I took it as sportive and started to move towards the next drives. I am really open to all your suggestions. 
    Thanks in advance. 

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