Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Allahabad-28 Nov 2007

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Allahabad-28 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi to all,with GOD's grace & blessings of my parents & friends,I've made it again.Its a pool campus at AAIDU Alld.of "SATYAM COMP. Pvt.Ltd."under the "DREAM SLOT"recruitment process.In this,only those are eligible who 've been already placed somewhr.

     It was a 2 phase process(generally Satyam comprises 3phases(2nd-GD))

    In Written:
    It consist of 15 Ques. & 30 min. Ques.are basicly of Aptitude & Reasoning.

    In Apti.-
    Age problem,proportion 4men do a piece of work in 8 days 2 left after 3days then in how many days de'll compl. Train prob. Clock prob like angle min hand at 1:40 pm, Area prob.

    In Reasoning(Tough):
    2 Data sufficiency prob.a paragh.was given followed by 4 conclusions choose the Data interpretation prob. PIE chart given-analyse & give ans. Series problem:series was a combin. of two different series at alternate position.A Pyramid prob.(toughest one)find the top most term. $-->1,@-->0,*-->2,/-->multiply Show 128 in terms of $*/@.Fig. prob. analyse the pattern to find the next fig. Cut-off was 4 out of 15 only 50% manage to qulify,HR was expecting that 80-90% should qualify.
    Tips:Attemp 7 or 8 or 9 but must be true.Dont make guesses(-ve marking) Believe in urself & ur ans.

    There was 3 panels 1)HR  2)Tech-HR  3)Tech.     I was in a grop. for 2nd panel.The HR personel(frm IIM,B)told us that the 2nd panel interviewer is a Vice President of our company.So afraid.His flight was delayed so arrived at 5:30pm(in hurry then).He was very cool & understanding that we r freshers....

    His 1st ques to all-- Introduce urself--Name,f'name ,m'name,pursuing,what whr with agg. 12th % yr 10 th yr board then hobbies(not sleeping but sensible) then f'occupation, mother's,if housewife-- tell housemaker.If interviewer is HR then tell about  bro &sis also
    2nd ques. abt PROJECT try to tell each & everything why taken,implications etc.if u stuck sumwhr take ur time,if nervous ask even for water.Dont try to make him fool.  Show ur dedication & determination to grab the job.& most imp "EYE CONTACT" that shows ur confidence & truthfulness.Sit straight & little bent towards him ie.u r attentive to listen him & with open palms ie. u r not hiding anything..

    Finally only 30/180 r selected in which 10% r frm ur coll.So "KEEP WALKING"&
    All The Very Best,May LORD KRISHNA will help you.
    Luv to see u at SATYAM.......(Believe that u r the next Satyamite)


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