Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -25 Feb 2006

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -25 Feb 2006

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    7 Jan, 2012


    SATYAM PAPER - 25 FEB 2006 - St. Joseph Engg College, CHENNAI

    Dear All,

    Satyam reference For Off campus, 2005 batch on 25 Feb 2006 Chennai

    I written satyam reference exam on 25 Feb 2006 conducted at St.Joesph Engg College Old Mahabalipuaram road, but not cleared the written test. It is very easy. Totally 4000 students attend the test .I attended at 2001-3000(3Rd batch).Different batch have different question paper.


    1. If speed of car travel at 45 kmph, it reaches destination by 10 minutes late. If it increases speed by 15 kmph more it reaches destination by 5 minutes late. What is the distance from home to destination?

    2. If speed of typist A complete its work at 2 hours is equal to the work complete by another typist B at 3 hours. If both together work how much time they will take.


    3. If x directly proportional to y2 and inversely proportional to Z3 then if x=20 when y=10 and z=5 what is the value of y when x=10 and z=10.


    4. The average of 40 numbers is 369 then if two numbers 36 and 42 are not included then what is the average of remaining numbers.

    5. The word ASSASSIN is letter then what is the probability that the SS are not found in the word.


    6. If the public service commission is select an member from person x, y,z, u,v,w.some condition like that
    Each group has at least three members.
    At least two group has one same person.
    If X is present then Y is also present.
    Which is group selected by public service commission first?


    7.In the below separate series addition,subtraction,multiplication,division and exponential of any one to be made then what is the value of the series if three satisfies condition above give same value(not accurate numbers but model exact)

    • 1,5,23
    • 14,27,48
    • 56,..,..

    8. Series problem (not accurate numbers but model exact)
             20, 23, 60, 32, 45,108..


    9. Algorithm (not accurate numbers but model exact)

    If t7<6 then
    Got to step t3 repeat condition

    10. (not accurate but model exact)

         1) The price of thing increases its price by some percentage for per coupon wagon.

               2) Before the price increase the person able to buy per kg.
                1 is sufficient ,2 is not sufficient (like this )
                2 is sufficient ,1 is not sufficient

    11. Diagram problem
     what is the next diagram?

    12,13,14 are paragraph question like here problem number 6 model.

    15.I can't remember

    (Paper Submitted By : Prasath.V)

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