Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 Jan 1900

Mahindra Satyam  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   -1 Jan 1900

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    1) For this question take 

    Edwin is a judge and a numerologist.He is married to
    a woman whose name:

    a) has a "product" that is the same as that for
    JUDGE:using the correspondence of letters and numbers
    above, this product is 10*21*4*7*5.
    b)has no letter in common with JUDGE.
    c)Has no third letter of the alphabet because 3 is his
    unlucky number.
    d)Has letters in alphabetical order when the first
    letter and second letter are interchanged.

    What is the name of the judge's wife?

    2) The owner of the house has been murdered. The
    visitors to the mansion were Allen,bixby and Crain.

    a) The murderer ,who was one of the three visitors
    ,arrived at the mansion later than atleast one of the
    other two visitors.
    b)A detective,who was one of the three
    visitors,arrived at the mansion earlier than atleast
    one of the other two visitors 
    c)The detective arrived at the mansion at midnight.
    d)Neither Allen nor Bixby arrive at the mansion after
    e)the earlier arriver of Bixby and crain wasnot the
    f)the later arriver of allen and crain was not the

    Who was the murderer?

    3) some farm tools and farm equipments have been
    stolen..3 farm workers were interrogated..Each one
    makes 2 statements.(i dont remember the statements)One
    of the statements made by each of them is right while
    the other is wrong. We have to tell who stole them.

    4) There is 4-digit number..the second digit is 2 more
    than the first..the last digit is five more than the
    third..something like is very simple..jus
    have to go from the choices given..


    A D
    B G E
    C F

    Each of seven digits from 0,1,2,3...8,9 is :
    a) represented by a different letter in the figure
    b) positioned in the figure above so that A*B*C, B*G*E
    and D*E*F are equal.

    Which digit does G represent?

    6) Given the names of four persons..and also given
    that one is taller than the other but shorter than
    someone else..statements like these..we have to find
    who is the shortest..

    7) A man is walking inside the tunnel AB. when he is
    3/8th of the distance from A, he hears a train coming
    from behind him..he sees that when he moves towards B,
    the train just catches him at B, and similar logic if
    he tried to reach A..the man walks at a steady rate of
    8m/h..what is the speed of the train?

    8)Fifty minutes ago if it was four times as many
    minutes past four o clock, how many minutes is it to
    six o clock?

    9) a simple problem related to ages..

    10) There are 5 dacoits who have together stolen some
    gold coins..they stay at a place for the night hiding
    the bounty safely...When evreyone's asleep, one of the
    dacoits wakes up, takes 1/5th of the bounty plus one
    for himself..the rest he puts back in the bag and goes
    to sleep..the next dacoit wakes up, does the same
    thing,ie takes 1/5th of the remaining bounty plus one
    for himself, puts the rest back and goes to sleep..the
    third,fourth and fifth dacoits do the same
    the morning, they all wake up and divide the bounty
    equally among may coins were there
    originally? The key to this question is to proceed
    from the options..see which number leaves a remainder
    1 when divided by 5 four times continuously and the
    fifth time divides it exactly.

    The rest 5 quests i dont remember....Quests 1,2 and 5
    have been lifted straight out of Puzzles' by George
    Summers..8 is from Shakuntala Devi..

    Dont attempt the questions u r not confident of..

    The GD round is said to be the Main elimination round
    in Satyam..The topic we were given was "US war on
    Iraq"..Some other topics could be "environmental
    pollution", "Indian Hockey" etc.

    The interview consisted of both technical and HR
    questions..Expect questions from ur project..and brush
    up the subjects in ur major..

    CSE- majors were asked on DBMS, a bit of networking,
    Object Orientation concepts.etc..

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