Magento Interview Questions And Answers

Magento Interview Questions And Answers


This page contains free download of Magento Interview Questions And Answers in pdf format.

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  • Posted by  Rajvinoth  From  Bangalore
    6 Feb, 2013

    Its great, Please can you add more questions. It will be more helpful. Hope you will do Cheers Rajvinoth

  • Posted by  dillu  From  Hyderabad
    16 Mar, 2012

    I downloaded Magento interview questions file but sorry to say there are only 8 questions which are sufficient if possible change add as many as you can so that it will be meaningful for us to download

  • Posted by  pintu   From  berhumpur
    23 Feb, 2012

    it is goog site ,it help for the student who is seeking for a job.thanks

  • Posted by  Magento  From  Raipur
    14 Mar, 2011

    Great collection....... Add More questions on magento.. like What you mean by cms? Explain MVC architecture in Magento? What is Eav model how can we implement in magento? Explain Magento's autoload functionality and how to instantiate classes? What is the process you take when theming a store? Talk about Magento collections and how you use them?

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