L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   I.T. B.H.U-7 Aug 2007

L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Technical - Other   I.T. B.H.U-7 Aug 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I m from M.Tech(mechanical). L&T(Ecc) visited our campus on 7th aug 2007.

    The paper was fully Technical from core mechenical.

    Sample Paper

    The paper was consisting 30 questions of 1 mark and 15 questions of 2 marks, all of objective type. 

    1. Which of following software is not used for FEM.

    2.Condition for perfect structure (ans.m=2j-3)

    3.One question from iron- carbon diagram.

    4.which is used vfor hardening of brass.(hardenig methods).

    5.which is most suitsble theory of failure for ductile materials.

    6.One from solidification time of casting.

    7. one from rack angle sticking friction.

    8. one from chip cut thickness.

    9. one from life of bearings.

    10.one from heat transfer through multislabs and one from fins.

    11.one question from linkage mechanism.

    12.one question from ISO 9000.

    13. One question from condensation temp in refrigation cycle.

    14. Two questions from moulding techniques.

    Wish u all d best.

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