L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   HMR Institute Of Technology And Mgmt.,Hameedpur-24 Mar 2007

L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   HMR Institute Of Technology And Mgmt.,Hameedpur-24 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    L & T PAPER ON 24th MARCH

    Hi friends,i m Sachin Kumar Singh.I am satudent of Ambedkar Institute Of Tech.,Delhi. L&T core came at HMR on 24 th march 2k7.there is gathering of  round about 1000 students..and the paper was done in 4 shift.. i'm in first batch and in that 6 college were there.first of all we have ppt by there people.guys pls attend the ppt. it really worths. because it helps you to provide to know abt. the company which you'll going to be enter after the clearence of  exam.

    So let me share my experience  its a very simple paper as we didn't or no one can expect.The company gave us the  same last year exam paper but my bad luck i 'm not able to find last year exam paper in my early prep.There is NO NEGATIVE marking.

    paper consists of two parts
    1.pictorial puzzle
    2.mechanical questions

    the puzzle part is very very easy.it consists of 8 figures and we hav to choose the 9th figure from the below choice this part contains 40 qns and we hav to do this in 40 min. its very easy  so i able to do all in 30 min.you'll able to do by your common sense no prep. early required

    the 2nd part is bit tough..it contains 60 qns in same we hav to do in 40 min.you should be  little bit strong in mechanics. it consists of projectile qns,gear shifting,fluid mechanics,rope tensions problem etc.. i'm not able to do whole so at last 5 min i made guess  for all the left qns. than we all students wait for 2 hr and we gather in a lecture hall and  i just pray to god constantly after the exam continuosly and in my mind i 'm praying n saying babaji pls one time give me a chance.. and after that there TPO came and they announce the result and i hold my hand tight waiting for my result and finally my announce named , i m shouted yesss .. i m selected in L&t.. they select 100 electronics student.. they call us for the interview on 31st march..

    9 o clock in the morning they call us at there office L&T motinagar.. there also students are coming in shifts. it contains a combined HR + Technical round its very easy round.. they basically looks confidence , communication skill ..knowledge etc..
    one ADVISE to all ,,prepare 1 querry at the last and ask to the Hr and ask also if they even dont ask.to ask u an querry. it helps you to create a different impact from other but prepare a relevant querry.we all waited  for 4 to 5 hrs ,,frankly telling you guys n gals that time was worst time of my life.. butt after that incharge came in the room they just thanks us to cooperate and wish us all luck.. after they announce the name .. and i was  one of the 6 students selected from Electronics..

    it was happiest day of my life..So guys don't get frustated if you not make to others exams just think in your mind there is something better for you..best of luck to all my friends.......

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