L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   F.I.E.M. Kolkata. ?-10 Apr 2007

L&T(ECC)  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   F.I.E.M. Kolkata. ?-10 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012




    I m Rangan from Academy of Technology , west bengal undergoing B.tech in Instrumentation n Control engg. L&T conducted the campassing drive here by 10th april in F.I.E.M. Kolkata.   


    They have only 2 stages. aptitude & technical-HR combined round. the apti contains 2 sets of papers called AMC and MCC. the AMC is sort of pictorial puzzles containing 36 ques. with 40 minutes. MCC contains 60 mechanical questions & 40 minutes. total time=(40+40)=80 mins. the ques. are very easy. those not frm mechanical stream must b thinking that how 2 manage 2 do 60 mech. ques. in 40 mins? believe me, its too easy. there r no problem type ques. only figures r given of pulleys, gears, flywheel, pistons , screws etc. and u r asked 2 mark accordingly. its nothing but applying ur sences by thinking practically. concentrate strongly nd u will find the solutions within seconds.

    selected candidates frm apti r given a form 2 fill it up. carefully fill the form coz that only will serve for u during the interview. it will contain everything u used 2 write in ur cv including ur boidata, ur strengths, sub. of interests, area of specialization wit reasons etc. so, b carefull.

    my interview was taken on 12th april. in L&T  area office, kolkata. they have separate panels for each departments. i.e. electrical panel will conduct 4 EE students only, instru. 4 Insrtu. students only , like this. they emphasises on ur technical knowledge n nothing else. they likes 2see ur methods of applications and ur way of thinking on a topic, ur innovation. they will always try 2 disattain u but for god's sake , dont become nervous and try 2  remain jolly nd energetic all the time. be confident. thats all u need 2 have.

    They will give u the offer letter the same day, and then u have 2 go thru a medical test afterwards. dont worry 4that. itd just a formal check-up 2 determine u fit n fine and "able" 4 joining a core company. well, i cant forget that moment when they declared my name............... wow.

    So, guys n gals, wish u all the best and hope that we will meet at L&T Ltd.

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