L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   O.I.S.T Bhopal-12 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   O.I.S.T Bhopal-12 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Hello friends
    I am SUSHANT PATIL, Sixth Semester, B.E. (INTFORMATION TECHNOLOGY) student of  S.A.T.I. VIDSHA(M.P.).I m selected in LNT INFOTECH campus conducted at O.I.S.T BHOPAL ON 12 TH APRIL .

    It feels great to be a part of LNT INFOTECH. I hope I?ll b able to help you guys with my experience..

    First and foremost important thing is to be confident. If u trust yourself, you have won half the battle. Even if you don?t get through, don?t get disappointed. The world does not end here, may be you a better opportunity is waiting for you

    the procedure was as follows..
    1) aptitude test (NOT technical)
    2)GD/extempore (again NOT technical)
    3) HR interview (
    though some where also asked technical )

    Apptitude test:-

    Apptitude test consists of following three parts:-

    1) Quantitative aptitude
    as i find quantitative questions a little tough hence i say that the test was not that easy.. but once you practise R.S aggarwal, answers to those questions will come up eventually.. well..i dnt remember the exact questions but i will certainly tell the topics that, i think , you should practise with time clock ..as speed is the most important factor.

    the questions were from following topics
    3)data interpretation
    4)time and work.
    5)questions on train..and speed..
    6)ratio proportion
    7)profit and loss..

    though i recommend that you should also pratice calender,clocks,and problem on ages..

    2)logical reasoning ( verbal and non verbal )
    i find this section..most easy and intersting section..as there is nothing to rote.just to think .well..
    again the questions were from following topics..
    1) blood relation
    2) puzzle test ( do every question in r.s aggarwal)
    3)venn diagram
    4)data sufficincy
    5)arthimetic reasoning
    7)statement arguments
    8)series completion in pictorial form
    9)figure matrix..
    10)analogy in pictures

    3) English

    English too was not that easy.. it had some word meaning..synonyms antonyms..analogy ..like the GRE test style.. there were sentece completion questions..which were quite easy.. reading comprenshion..in my case the passage was simple.. the concepts of english were of 12th C.B.S.E standard..

    dnt panic.. stay calm.. distribute your time.. be confident.. and you are through..


    They conduct GD as well as extempore .in my batch extempore was conducted my topic was "CINE STARS ARE BETTER IN POLITICS OR NOT".I remember some of topics of extempore are:-

    1.arrange marrige or love marriage
    2.india in 2047

    and some other general topics. in my batch 4 r selected out of 18 so plz concentrate on this round more . they only check u r communications skills and general awerraness . In this round they give u around 2 mintues to say about the topic.

    Interview.. (HR)

    once you pass the GD round..70 % of the chances you are in.. but dnt' take it lighlty as i have seen many of my frnds being rejected from the interview...They also check u r acdemics record also u r communications skills , in my interview they ask about fruther studies becoz i hav gate score card but i say tht my frist preference is a good it company like lnt. Always give u r answer with full confindence dont depress in the interview sension , u r confince level is the most important thing.

    At last i want to say dont take tension try u r best becoz these my 9 th company and i gave the 4 th HR of the companies .but at last i selcted in LNT and these my dream company after INFOSYS. lnt gave 2.2 lakh pack in training peroid of 1 year and afterwards pack rises to 2.97 lakh and after the waiting of 1 day they announce the result and out of the 1200 apperad 52 were finally selected. And by gods grace i was one among them.

    best of luck to all of u preparing for lnt infotech. Hope to see u all in lnt

    with regards,

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