L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Government College Of Eng,Tirunelveli-9 Jul 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Government College Of Eng,Tirunelveli-9 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends, I am sujitha.t studying in Noorul Islam College of Engg (ECE),Kanyakumari dist,L&T came for Campus Placement to Gov. Eng. College,Tirunelveli. It was an off campus for Gov Eng. & our college, Noorul Islam College Of Eng, Kanyakumari dist.



    55% and above wit no standing arrears & history of arrears should not exceed 4.


    Selection Procedure:

    1.Aptitude(Max. Elimination Round)


    3.Personal Profile(HR+Tech).



    There were 3 set of booklets of 3 colors(white,Pink,Yellow).So each and everyone got from any of the three set of booklets.I got White.

    There were 3 sections in aptitude

    1.Quantitative Aptitude(30 ques).

    2.Logical Resonning(30 ques).

    3.Verbal(30 ques).


    Section 1(quantitative):

    Refer R.S.Aggarwal book.plz cover all the chapters..

    Important topics:

    ·       Pipes & Cisterns.

    ·       Boats & Streams.

    ·       Alligation & Mixture.

    ·       Simple Interest.

    ·       Profit & Loss.

    ·       Probability.

    ·       Problems On Ages.

    ·       Time & work.

    ·       Time & Distance.

    ·       Discount.

    ·       Problems On Numbers.

    ·       Average.

    ·       Plz refer Bar,Line,Pie Graphs,because 6 ques will be based on any one of the graphs.


    Section 2(Logical Resonning):

    Refer R.S.Aggarwal Verbal &Non Reasoning book.The chapters are

    ·       Blood Relations.

    ·       Puzzle Test.

    ·       Coding-Decoding.

    ·       Statement Assumptions.

    ·       Statement Conclusions.

    ·       Conclusions from Passages.

    ·       Logical Venn Diagrams.

    ·       Arithmetic Reasoning.

    This section is time consuming,so keep time management.First work out Arithmetic Reasoning.


    Section 3(Verbal Ques):

    ·       Synonyms(5 ques).

    ·       Antonyms(5 ques).

    ·       Correct the Sentence.

    ·       Analogy.

    ·       Ques from long passage(its very easy).

    Note: There is sectional cutoff..I think its 22 out of 30..Totally app. 300 attended only abt 70 cleared aptitude..



    This is also major elimination round.My GD topic was ?Is IT  development  Brain Drain or Brain gain?.I initiated the topic as brain drain bt all opposed me,bt I was confident & made good points.Just be confident and speak audibly.

    Other GD topics were

    Capitive Punishment.


    Out of 70 only 37 cleared GD.

    Note: just be confident & keep good eye contact.Make ur points clear & audible.


    Verification round:

    They verified all  our certificates individually.. I was 93% in 10th,91% in 12th & now 75%.They asked the reason for the fall of  percent..I jus replied wit confidence dat ill make it to 80%.they asked Ques based on our resumes.so plz be thorough wit ur resume.


    Personal Profile(HR+Tech):

    It was an group interview.Only one person interviewed us.. Iam from ECE department so he asked me, which subject deals wit the details of  information how they r communicated?

    I replied Computer Networks.

    He asked ques from Computer Networks.Since my interested subject Is Networks I answered well(abt switches,Routers etc)

    The HR  person wit a pleasant smile marked in his paper?


    Final Results:

    They announced results after PPt.  

    Finally out of 37 only 16 got through?I am so happy to b one among 16?Then they issued the offer letter?..

    So jus b confident u can knock it out?..



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