L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Future Institute Of Engineering And Management-3 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   Future Institute Of Engineering And Management-3 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    The test was for B.TECH, B.C.A./M.C.A(i didnt remember) etc.

    The test paper consists of 3 parts:
    30 questions each from Quantitative
    30 from Verbal - NonVerbal & Logical and
    30 from English

    Test duration Total 90 minutes. There was a sectional cut-off for every section, so i attempted all the section simultaneously to cover up atleast 60% of them, then i started doing the rests. i think i have done around 75-80% of the total paper!!
    overall it was easy but bit lengthy. since you dont have much time, so dont waste time on one as you have lot of questions to solve!

    There was No negetive marking. Test was taken on Computer Graded Sheet(like AIEEE/IIT entrance exams). There were three different sets of questions (A, B & C)

    Follow R.S Agarwal to get common questions.
    Pipes & Cistern
    Time & Distance
    trains having some length
    ratio, proportion
    Both Progressions and matrix operations(quite simple)
    pie chart
    tricky but easy questions from profit and loss!

    2.Logical, Verbal, NonVerbal
    some problems on groups. you need to read a passage and then answer it accordingly. Those passages are very confusing, so i wrote them as soon as i read.

    Initially it was tough, like matching english vocabulary, etc like that. Then we had passages and correcting sentences(guys from CBSE will get those easy, as they did in class 9/10). i was too from CBSE(but that doesnt mean anything)!!!!

    After Aptitude Test, the result was declared by 1 or 2hrs! my name was called for next round. I was prepared myself for GD, but fortunately/unfortunately i ended up with extempore.

    You need to speak up with one topic of your choice, 1 min to say on it. Their condition was to speak on NON-IT topic!
    Well my topic was
    just saying topics of some others who got selected from our batch in extempore:
    BRAIN DRAIN etc..

    After the extempore, i got selected. Remember, try to avoid stammering while you speak, dont make your discussion too boring and dont move your hands too much. They are always looking into your attitude and speaking ability rather than your topic. No technical was taken

    The Next was HR. Just have a look to the company profile. Thats all, results were declared next day, i.e. 4th april! and i was lucky enough to get into this high esteemed and renowned company, after a long time(this was my 5th campusing after mbt, accenture, wipro, satyam...)! So dont give up hope and keep on trying your level best.

    All the Best to everyone who is reading this!
    Hope to see you there at L&T

    Parijat Roy

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