L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CVR College Of Engg-2 Jun 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   CVR College Of Engg-2 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi friends...Im a student of CVRCE who gave L&T infotech exam on 2nd june 2007 i would like to share paper with u people...

    There were three rounds
    2.Technical +HR

    Aptitude Questions :
    -> If a person takes 5 days and 8 hrs to dig a trench ; then how many persons will dig 3 trenches in 1 day (with each day of 8 hrs work) ?

    -> If 4apples and 6oranges cost 13/- and 2apples & 4oranges cost 7/- find cost of one apple and one orange.
    Sol: subtract 2nd eqn from 1st then we have 2a-2o=6 =>1apple and 1orange cost 3/-

    -> If a person travels for P km in t hrs and then increases his speed by x km/hr find his new speed.
    a) (p/t)+x b) pt+x c)p/x+t d)pt/x ans:a

    -> A man has to dilute milk from 36lts which costs x/- to y/- a litre wat is da amt of water that he should add ?

    -> If avg. of 6 nos. is 8 and later 2 new nos. are added such that the avg of the present 8 nos is 6 then what is the avg of newly added two nos.
    Sol: avg=total sum of values/ no of objects or observation
    ? 8 =total sum of values of 6 nos /6
    ? total sum of values of 6 nos=6*8=48
    now when 2 new nos are added applying same formula 6= total sum of values of 8 nos/8
    ? total sum of values of 8 nos=48 so the value has not changed which means the sum of added 2 nos is zero so avg=zero/2=zero

    -> If you divide a number by 5 and 7 then the reminder is 2 If you divide that number by 35 then what is the reminder ?

    -> The Arthematic mean of .... .. .. ... (i dnt remember )

    ->. One on mean 6 16 64 ?

    -> What % of 4/7 is 4/5?
    Sol: {(4/5)/(4/7)}*100= ans =140%

    -> By what % should a person sell an article so as to gain a profit of 24% even after giving a discount of 10 %
    Sol) the easiest way to solve such problems is by assuming the cost price as 100rs
    So to get a profit of 24% means to sell at 100+24=124/-
    So suppose he sold it at 10% discount initially he sells at 90rs so ther is a difference of 34/- (options were a)40% b)45% c)50% d)60/- )

    -> Matrix addition:
    If 1 2 3 1 1 1 0 1 2
    5 7 9 = 3 4 7 + 2 3 2
    2 3 4 1 1 1 1 2 ?
    then what is the value of ? (some thing like this )

    -> Find the determinant of a 3*3 matrix?

    -> A red light glows every 10sec, yellow every 15sec and red every 18sec. find the number of times all three glow together from 8:00AM to 9:00AM (including both times)
    Sol : LCM of 10,15,18 = 90
    So every 90 seconds all three glow together so in one hour there are 3600 secs So 3600/90=40 times but answer is 41 because they glow at 0th second that is at 8 Am since both times are included.

    -> The bus was traveling at a distance of 60 mts before a car in 20 secs da car is ahead of bus by 40 mts if the car was traveling at a rate of 30km/hr Find the speed of da bus ?
    ans : 20m/s

    -> If age of a person is x and his mothers age is 34. then after how many years will the mothers age be twice of the son?

    -> A Father told his son " I was Your age when I got married " Now the fathers age is 35 what will be his sons age before 5 yrs ?

    -> If a kite is at a height of 75mts from ground and the angle of inclination from a point on ground is 60degree then find length of the kite sting.
    Sol: based on trigonometry heights and distances: sin60=height of kite/length of string(altitude/hypotenuse)

    ->sqrt625.13 * 16 + 1667.66 / 17 == ???? ( dont remember the values correctly)

    -> 135.55 * 565 = 76 % * x Find x ? ( values r nt da same )

    -> Statistical question on Sales of a company ???
    3 qns were given on that

    Non Verbal
    -> Passage and questions based on that passage total 5 qns v hav to answer reading that passage
    -> 3 questions based on giving 3 figures and then we are required to find the 4th fig which comes next in the logical sequence
    (Rs Agarwal qn 44,45, 46 in Non verbal Resoning chapter- Series same qns)
    -> Find the number of straight lines in the following figure ? (Rs Agarwal 3rd qn page : 243 Non verbal Reasoning )
    -> How many Triangles are there in the following figure ? (Rs Agarwal 19th qn page : 246 Non verbal Reasoning )
    ->Statements and assumptions ( 3 qns )
    ->Reasings qns (Rs Agarwal Pg 18 qn 5,6 Chapter Reasoning )
    -> Qns on Coading and decoding
    -> blood relation qns
    -> Which diagram best represents musician, violinist and instrumentalist
    Ans: three concentric circles the outermost circle being musician the inner circle instrumentalist and the innermost being violinist.Because every violinist a musician and instrumentalist but not the viceversaEvery instrumentalist is a musician but not the viceversa
    -> polygon, quadrilateral and rhombus
    Ans : the same as above answer rhombus is the innermost then the quadrilateral and outside is the polygon Explaination: a polygon is a 3 or more close sided figure so even a triangleand pentagon are polygons so is a quadrialateral which is a 4 sided fig and quad includes rombus, square, rectangle, kite, trapezium etc

    -> Synonyms
    -> Antonyms
    -> Analogy
    -> Odd one out
    -> Fill in da appropriate words
    -> Replace the word with a suitable 1
    -> Correct da Sentence
    ->Replace the line if necessary
    -> Questions on passage very easy v can answer 5 qns in 1 min .
    ( Time Management is Very important ).
     all the best


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