L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   College Of Engineering,Bhubaneswar-5 Sep 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Whole Testpaper   College Of Engineering,Bhubaneswar-5 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Friends.......,
                I am Nishith Kumar Nayak.  L&T Infotech has come to college of engg. Bhubaneswar on 5th sep for a campus drive.Our college Purushottam institute of engg & technology,rourkela was invited in that off campus drive.

    The selection procedure was divided in three consecutive processes.

    1.Written test
    3.Profile interview

              The written paper has three sets pink,yellow and in white colours.mine was a yellow  B set.it consists of three sections.

    a).Aptitude-30 ques.30 mins
    b).Reasoning-30ques.30 mins
    c).English-30ques.30 mins

           There was no negative marking.Aptitude and reasoning papers were quite easy.Aptitude papers consists of the following topics.
     Number system,determinants,pipes and cisterns,trains,time and speed,data analysis(graph),probablity,permutations,combinations,time and work etc.
    questoins were pretty easy.dont get nervous my friends.
           In reasoning section blood relation,puzzle test,analytical reasoning,logic,etc.
    R.s. agarwal is more than enough.

            In english there was antonym,synonym,comprehensive passage etc.a little bit of english knowledge is more than sufficient.
            Afterwards at about 11.30pm at night wriiten results r out.instantly our names were called out for gd.mine was the 30th group.my topic was "beauty contest".3 of us have been selected out of 13 people.othre topic were
    1.Should women be treated at par with men.
    3.Indian are able to work in group or not.etc.

            Then about 1.00am we were selected and profile form was given to us.
            On the 2nd day we reported at 9.30 am in the morning.we filled out the profile form and submit it .plz do remember that fill out the form carefully as they r asking all the questions in interview from ur profile form.then they verified our all academic certificates and our complete profile.then they presented ppt at about 2.00pm after the lunch.
            The next day we reported for interview early in the morning at about 6.30 in the morning.l n t infotech joint general manager took our interview.it was a profile group interview.I m in the 3rd group i entered the interview hall at about, 8 o'clock.the hr person was very much friendly and was quite comfortable for us.i was the 2nd candidate in my group for interview.

    My interview process as follows:
    Hr:So ur name is nishith....hmm.What does it mean and how do u represent ur name?
       Me:I answered Nishith means night.I m tall "dark" and handsome thats Why I m nishith.
    Hr:checked my profile and asked ur brother is working in oracle and asked about his job profile,designation and qualifications.
       Me: I answered.
    Hr:So u have been awarded as child scientist in class 10th for ur project in national childrens science congress so explain about ur projects and ur contribution.
       Me:I explained it very nicely becoz i myself represented my team in national level and completed the project almost singlehandedly. 
    Hr:So now u tell me ur hobbies?
       Me:Sir, my hobbies are net surfing,listening music and above all playing musical instruments.
    Hr: So impressive, u can play instruments,what r those?
       Me: Sir i can play tabla, bongo,trango,dholok etc
    Hr: So what will be 7th semester project brief us about it?
       Me: i described it easily 
    Hr: U read some oter books otherthan curricular books or not?
       Me. yes sir i do read novels,newspapers, automobiles magazines etc.
    Hr:So which book u read in hte last one year?
       Me: I read chetan bhagat's five point someone,one night at the call cenrer,danbrown's da vinci code,tushar raheja's anything for u mam
       Me:I have collected the data about l n t infotech from company's website and reply it highlighting the features of the company.  
    Hr: Then thank you mr nishth its great talking to you...

         Then he took other candidate's interview.we all were in the interview room for 1.5 hrs.
    then we left the room.
         After 2hrs at about 1.30pm results were declared and by god's grace my name was there in the list.6 people were selected from our college out of all 6 appeared for interview.it was like a dream come true for me..after lunch they handed over our offer letter.
           my dear friends, they are only checking up ur english accent and communication skills.so be confident give ur 200%
     effort and just crack it.

                Hope we will meet at l n t gudluck.

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