L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Trident College Of Engg.-19 Mar 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Trident College Of Engg.-19 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, I am Tapash kumar Sahu of Roland institute of technolgy,Berhampur,Orissa. I recently went for the campus recruitement of L&T Infotech at Trident college Of Engineering(TAT).
    Around 1500 candidates appeared for this test ie 18 colleges :-

    FIRST ROUND:-Written Exam:- 3 sections:-

    1.)Quantitative:- Easy if u r thorough with RS Aggarwal.
    Pipes & cisterns,boats and streams,speed,permutation & combination, profit loss,height &distance, data interpretation,age problem,alligation, series, matrix, TWO are quite lengthy like
    167% of 4578+34*234=? +54857
    All questions are very easy can be done in 40 sec (each question)

    2.)Logical Reasoning:-Blood relations,puzzles,count the no. of triangles etc.Few Pie charts based question
    -> Few logical vein diag question (any apti has this question)
    -> Coding - Decoding
    -> Data Sufficiency
    Cover all the part of RS Aggarwal.
    Reasonig what we got is from mock test papers provided in The Competion Master.
    this type of reasonig required more patience,

    3.)English:-Synonyms,Antonyms,Paragraph,Error Correction etc. (was a bit tricky) I think a student with english medium schooling can easly solve this paper
    This section had 90 ques to be done in 90 mins with each section having its own cut-off. There was no negative marking and no higher cut-off.They have  3 sets of paper.

    Out of 1500(approx) students 565 students(approx) cleared the written test and they were distributed among 47 batches for the second round of GROUP DISCUSSION.

    SECOND ROUND:-Group discussion:-There were 47 batches of 12 each.
    My topic was -Are womens are good corporate manager.
    I said for the topic. In our  group 3 were selected including me.
    Some other topics are:
    1.fast food or heavy meals are good for health.
    2.Stage of hockey in our country.
    3.Is management can be taught. etc .........

    In GD 1st they made an open discussion then the HR said us that each has to summarise the whole GD for 30 sec.
    Tip: Stick to ur point and just try to calm down the situation when it becomes a fish market over ther because they see leadership qualities in u during GD Also u get 1 min. to think in the beginning and jot down as many points as u know and stick to ur point no matter how wrong u are coz they look for good leaders and public speakers.
    they are not selecting on the basis of communication or fluency in english,
    They were in search of confidence,ladership quality, patience hearing,understanding others, command over the topic.
    Give your 100% good body language

    GD was the real rejection round. Out of 565 students 89 were short listed for the interview and i was among them. The interview was to be conducted the next day.

    THIRD ROUND:- Interview
    IT was the selection round,
    they did a panal interview of 10 students at a time. Be careful while filling the forms. they  ask some simple question from the form & resume. like about you strength & weakness , hobbies, extracurricular activities etc

    Finally 51(appx) students were short listed  by L&T  and I was 1 among them.

    So guys L&T is a great company for starters and i wish all best of luck for L&T.

    That's the experience i want to share with you all. Try hard!

      Bye, Tapash Kumar Sahu

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