L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Terna College Of Engg.,Nerul-3 Mar 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Terna College Of Engg.,Nerul-3 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Friends, I?m Anoop T. Unnikrishnan pursuing my Third Year Degree Course in Engineering (Information Technology) from Pillai?s Institute Of Information Technology. The joint campus placement for L & T Infotech was held at Terna College of Engineering, Nerul (9:30 am). Friends make sure that you get to the place at least one hour before time.
    The aptitude test started at 10:30 am. The test lasted for about one and half hour. There were three sets of question papers (A, B, C). Mine was set ?A?. Believe me a thorough reference through R.S. Agarwal?s Quantitative Aptitude & Verbal Reasoning would help you to crack the aptitude test.
    Sorry Friends I really don?t remember the questions but will definitely guide you through some of the important topics.
    Total 90 Questions to be solved in 90 minutes.
    a. Time & Work
    b. Time & Distance
    c. Percentage
    d. Pipes and Cisterns
    e. Boats & Streams
    f. Data Interpretation (Pie Charts)
    g. Problems on Matrices (e.g. Determinant, Transpose)
    h. Ratio & Proportion
    i. Alligation or Mixture
    j. Profit & Loss
    k. Count the no. of triangles, Find the angle of elevation etc?..
    l. Relations
    m. Logical Venn Diagrams
    n. Logical Deduction
    o. Comprehension
    p. Meanings of the underlined word
    These are some of the topics that I could remember.
    The result of the aptitude test was declared after a short period of time. After the results were declared we had a short break and then were taken to the GD room. A group consisted of about 14 to 15 students.
    The topic for our discussion was ?Should Politicians have minimum eligibility criteria?.
    Some tips for getting through in GD
    1.At the beginning wish all your group members.
    2.Make it a point to address your group members instead of the HR executive who is there to evaluate you.
    3.Maintain proper eye contact with all your group members.
    4.Always stick to your point and talk to the topic.
    5.Never be aggressive.
    6.Be cool & give a smile to your members while you talk.
    7.Be patient and give others an opportunity to talk.

    Content and the presence of mind of a person is judged during the discussion. Remember a natural Leader emerges out at the end of the discussion, and the people who are there to evaluate you are in need of good leaders and also good team members.
    I felt that everything main that had to be completed was over, now was left with some formalities i.e. the Personal/Profile Interview. I entered the room where I saw two interviewers waiting for me. I wished both of them and gave a handshake too. Remember, a well defined handshake depicts your personality and be bold enough to deliver it properly. Some of the questions that I had to face are given below.
    1.How was your day?
    2.What do you know about L&T Infotech?
    3.Where do you find yourself in the next 5 years?
    4.What are the qualities of a good leader?
    5.After 2 years of your training if some other company offers you 30% hike in your salary what will you do?
    6.Do you believe in people?
    7.Do you mingle with people very easily?
    8.Have you ever handled any responsibilities?
    9.What are data structures?
    10.What are different types of Data Structures?
    11.How does linked list work?
    12.What is LIFO & FIFO?
    After my interview I was asked to wait in the hall till everyone else?s interview was over. At about 9:30 pm the results were declared. My joy knew no bounds when I was among the 20 students who were selected. Finally we were given offer letters and they asked us to sign it.
    Total students that appeared for the aptitude test       nearly 300
    Students who cleared the aptitude                                    71
    Students who cleared the Group Discussion                    36
    Students finally selected                                                19  +  Myself  =  20
    Finally I would like to thank the students of Terna Engg. College who were there to assist us till the end of the day. Hats off to all of you.
    At the end I would like to say that Believe in the Placement Officer Who is above all of you. He will definitely shower all his choicest blessings on you all.
    Certainly you people will get through the selection process. Believe in Yourself and your abilities and be confident. My prayers are with all of you???

    All the Best!!!!!!!!See you at L & T Infotech

    (Anoop T. Unnikrishnan)

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