L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Sriram Eng., College,Chennai -11 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Sriram Eng., College,Chennai -11 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Well .. hi ..! guys gals.. the following were the barriers in L&T infotech
    place: sriram engineering college
    we had to take an aptitude test for 90minutes for 90 qus...though the  test was easy time management is very import...
    each question takes hardly 1 minute to solve it is very difficuilt to do so.

    it consist of three section apps...,verbal..,non-verbal 30 each
    the main topics were:
    6.matrix &determinant
    8.time & work
    11.data interpretation(more than 5 qus..)
    prepare from R.S aggarwal a through knowledge of 8th ,9th ,10th maths  is enough

    The second were non verbal
    1.figure matrix
    2.qus.. of how many triangles
    3.blood relations
    4.statments & arguements
    5.missing figures
    6.logical venn diagrams(more than 6 qus..)
    prepare the R.S aggrawal non-verbal every question

    Third section  was verbal
    if your are a CBSE student means there is no proib..or else it would be jeopardy for you one simple passage read the qus.. and then read the passage
    read barrons for words meaning simple grammer err it was very simple for me
    this was the aptitude test out 990 only 225 was selected satisfying the min... cutoff for all the three section sepra..and a overall cut off

    Next was the GD we had clane of 12 and our topic was whether narayana moorthy can elected as the next president or not .
    nice topic they gave us 2 minu.. to think and we argued for 15 minu..
    and last they gave 45 sec.. to each of us to give a conclusion out of that 225 only 90 got selected .

    the next day was HR in L&T campus
    in that again we are 12 in a clane we had ftof interaction with the HR. a brief intro.. followed by simple techni..qus
    for me it was from software engineering simple qus.. as i was IT student
    i answered it well
    in our batch only one got rejected all were placed we were very happy to see  our names in the final short list.
    only 62 got selected from 990

    ALL THE BEST !!!
    see u  at L&T

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