L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   MUMBAI -03 Apr 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   MUMBAI -03 Apr 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends.. I am Siddhesh Krishnan from SIES grad school of technology... L and T infotech had come to our college on 4th april 2008.... the MCA students were included as well ( prior to L And t ...TCS AND MASTEK had come to our college..i didnt get selected there) 

    The selection procedure had 3 rounds
    1. Aptitude test

    I think around 120 to 130 students appeared fot the test...52 got selected in GD...then i think around  30 got selected for d interview......and finally 16 students got in... The day started with d aptitude test( written).... there were 3 sets..D,E,F..i got set E.

    It had 3 sections...
    Quant and Logical reasoning.

    it had synonyms,passage,sentence completion,sentence correction... the synonyms were myriad, omnipotent, taciturn, catastrophe....for the remaining,. practice any english book which has these xcercises....

    MATHS: for maths refer.. RS AGARWAl... questions were basedon speed,work average,time,bar graph,data sufficiency,surds,profit and loss etc 

    it has some figures..a passage on doc and engg..and u had to figure who is d doc,engg.. rest i dont remember 

    After the apti..the presentation was conducted...then the results were announced....we were divided into four groups for GD each group had 13 students... our topic was "ADVERTISEMENTS R A WASTE OF EXPENDITURE:... first it was an extempore...and then debate.... from my group 6 were selected... i do not know the topics that were given in the other groups After this..we were given a form..in which we needed to provide details.. abt  academics.. carrer obj..etc pls fill this form carefully..as questions r asked on whtever u write here 

    As far as interview is concerned...there were 3 panels...one Technical nd the other two were HR  i got the hR panel..i enetered the cabin at around 7 pm..(i was d last one)

    It was a normal HR interview...and questions were asked like..tell me smething abt urself..whered o u see urself in 10 yrs from now...why L and T...questions on CDMA AND GSM...any problem with relocation.. bond signing... also y didnt u get selected in TCS nd MASTEk...questions based on d form that i had filled....

    MY advice is pls be honest and confident in answering...remain calm fianlly results were announced at 7:45 pm....and my name was called out first...i am extremly happy to be a part of L and T..... hope to c u soon.....and finally thank you freshers world...

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