L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   JIS College Of Engineering, Kalyani.-18 Mar 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   JIS College Of Engineering, Kalyani.-18 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am PRINCE  BANERJEE, recently I have been recruited by L&T INFOTECH.I am pursuing B.TECH with INFORMATION TECHNOLY(IT) in Narula Institute of Technology. Here I want to share my preparation and experience with you all.


        Participating clgs:--  1. JIS COLLEGE OF ENGG, KALYANI.

                                          2. NARULA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY, KOLKATA

                                          3. GURU NANAK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.


    Streams/Eligible Criteria : Minimum 60% marks in 10th & 12th or Diploma Minimum   

                                        60% marks in Sem Avg. and a minimum of 55% in each Semester.
    Backlogs ? Not more than 2 subjects and the same has to be cleared in the immediate   

                       next attempt.
    Age ? Not more than 24 yrs as on 01st July, 2009


    The entire recruitment process consisted of:
     i) Aptitude Test(Total 27 cleared this test from the 3 clgs/ 7 frm NIT)

     ii) GD/EXTEMPORE (Total 18 CLEARED/ 3 frm NIT.)
     iii) Personal Interview (Both Technical and HR interview)(Only 1 cleared frm NIT and

                                                                                                  selected finally)


               The aptitude paper consists of  3 sections.They r
               1.  English -30 Q

    2. Quantitative-30Q
    3. Critical Reasoning-30Q

    Total time for aptitude test was 90 mins. (No ngtv marking but there was high sectional cutoff.In every section u shld cross the cutoff to clear the apti.)


    There was 3 different sets of apti paper. SET A,B and C.My set was C.The paper was easy one.I had no prblm to solve the paper.But time management is a major thing here.U shld distribute the time equally 4 each section. Just practice R.S.Agarwal 4 this zone.




    There was 3 grps.In 2 grps GD was taken and im my grp EXTEMPORE was taken.There was 2 judges.They gave us 2mins 4 selecting the topic.Here,they said clearly that they want 2 judge 4 things in this round.These are:

                                1.      COMMUNICATION SKILL & PRESENTATION.

    2.      BODY LANGUAGE.


    4.      CONFIDENCE.

              They told us to select any interesting topic.I spoke on the topic ? BEAUTY OF NIGHT?.I hv no
               preparation 4 it.I said whatever I feel.I tried to enlight the positv aspects of night.They was            very 
               imprssd with my presentation and I was through.


    It was on the nxt day i.e on 19th March at L&T office,Kolkata. My reporting time was 2pm.But I was called 4 the intervw at 5pm.There was only one person.He was absolutely expressionless.It was a ngtv interview?


    Person: Oh Prithwish, r u ok?

    Me: Yes sir,absolutely.

    Person: Keep talking abt urself..

    Me:  Bla..Bla?.

    Person:  Say something more abt ur academics?

    Me:  Said all the details..

    Person: What was ur JEE RANK??

    Me: Told..

    Person: Do u think it?s a good rank???

    Me: Yes sir?

    Person: Ur clg name???

    Me:  Said..

    Person: Do u think it?s a good clg???

    Me: Yes sir,absolutely..

    Person: No,I know it?s a bad clg..(I dnt knw why he said that?)

    Person: Ok,tell me the rank of ur clg in West Bengal ..

    Me: Told approx..

    Person: Tell me something abt the IT.

    Me: Said ?..

    Person: Now u can ask me any sort of 2 Qs, frm the quality of ur Q. I will

                  decide whether I will select U or not..

    Me: I asked 2 Qs,but he was nt satisfied at all.Then he gave me the 3rd & last

           chance 2 ask him any Q that can satisfy him,I asked another Q.,but he

           was nt satisfied and said thank u,Prithwish.

    Me: Thank u sir.

    After this intrvw I was sure that I will not be selected.But surprisingly on 25th March they informed me that I am selected.

    Lastly I want to say one thing----It is like a one day game.Getting a job is a magic of GOD, needs a support of ur LUCK.  


    Things to remember:
     1. Be cool and confident.

        2. Be optimistic. Never try to pretend. Be smart and honest.

        3. Whatever the terms u will use in ur intrvw u should hv full cnfdnt on it.

           Follow the above things. I am sure U will get placed. ALL THE BEST..SEE U AT L&T INFOTECH..
                                        -----------------PRITHWISH  BANERJEE???????


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