L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Iims, Ghaziabad-22 Jan 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Iims, Ghaziabad-22 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi  friends, on 23rd january 2008 i sat for my 1st company lnt infotech.. 

    Type was pool campus
    No. of aspirants=1500+
    written qualified=200+
    extempory = aroun100
    and finally interview= around 50

    result awaited 

    1st Round.
    it was basically writtrn round.... the paper had 3 sections quanti, logical reasoning and english. there were 3 sets white, pink and yellow. each section of each set consisted 30 questions. and for qualifying sessional cut of was 20 to 22.

    the question was basically fron r.s. agrawal.. and most of the questions were repeated which i saw from freshers world.
    I  remember 1st quewstion was

    Q. a man can do a work in 5days and 8 hours.then how many mens r required to do the same work 3 times in a day. working hours in each day is 8hr.
    ans. 18 

    This was very simple.Just study R.S Aggarwal Quantitative aptitude book.Topics like  Numbers(arithmatic progression,geometric progression formulae like Tn and Sn)
    Problems on numbers
    Problems on Ages
    Profit and loss
    Ratio and Proportion
    Time and work
    Time and distance
    Problems on trains
    Alligation and mixtures
    races and games of skill
    permutations and combinations
    two or 3 question on either pie chart,bar graph,Line graph 

    Logical reasoning:
    A little easy but go through the entire Logical Reasoning section in R.S.Aggarwal Verbal & Non-verbal book and you are through.Topics like Statement Conclusion
    Deriving Conclusions from passages
    Deriving conclusion from 9 rules
    Blood relations
    Puzzle test
    Arithmatic reasoning
    logical venn diagrams(very easy . one was musician , insrumentalist and violinist. and i do not remember othr)
    Unscramble the words and find odd man out 

    the quetions are all from book. itself....

    Very easy section hence attempt it first.Questions like Synonyms
    Fill in the blanks with appropriate word
    A sentence is given with some words in bold.you have to replace it with a best match from the options
    A part of the sentence is underlined. you have to replace it with the part in the options which makes correct grammatical and logical sense
    Four sentences are given.you have arrange them in logical order
    A very big passage but don't get intimidated its damm easy just read the questions first and then quickly scan the passage.

    i hope the passage is the easiest one so first do that....

    2nd round.
    it was extempory We had to speak on the technical subjects of our own........... out of 40 from aech group 9 were selected...but ratio increased in case of girls. only 6 were rejected out of 40.

    Profile Interview:
    Before giving the interview you will have to fill a form which is just like your resume You have to mention your scholastic, extra curricular achievements ,strengths and weaknesses and so on.Remember what you are writing on the form because questions will definitely be asked on it. 

    Please study for technical its really a dificult one. read everything. any thing could be asked... 

    all the best..... i m waiting for my result........i  was one of them  who gave interview


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