L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhopal-20 Jan 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   Bhopal-20 Jan 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    HI Guys i have attended an on campus conducted in SIRT college.I am Suresh Wadhwani pursuing my engineering in University Institute Of Technology .I would like share my experience. 

    TOTAL STUDENTS-2200 approx
    AFTER GD-124

    There are three sections comprising of 30 Questions each. Totally 90 questions which must be solved within 90 minutes.

    The questions that r asked in app section r very easy. If u prepare well from R.S AGGARWAL then u can solve it. but in keep in mind that lower cut-off in all three sections is around 22 and also there is a sectional cut-off. But try 2 solve then as quick as possible blz u will sometimes don't have time 2 solve other sections. I solved 222 Questions n then moved 2 other sections.

    the next section is logical reasoning for which u must go through R.S Aggarwal verbal n non verbal which is more than enough.

    the final section is English which comprises of questions like Synonyms,antonyms,odd man out,sentence completion,correct the sentence etc.it is also easy.

    the results were announced on same days later n i got selected in the 1st round.and the same day our GD round is conducted.the topic given 2 us is"softdrink Vs Indian lussi" be confident in this round and think positive.just be relaxed n try 2 explain ur point in a clear manner..

    i got selected in GD n asked 2 come on the next day for HR.My whole Interview-

    first of all i want to tell u that the HR is lady of age around 26-27. she is very friendly and i haven't got a words for defining her.

    HR- what is ur name?
    Hr- haven't u got a passport?
    me- no actually it is under process.
    Hr-how was ur GD?
    me- it was nice and my performance was also too good.
    HR-ok what is ur Gd topic and speak about that topic
    Me- i explained very well
    Hr-Which is ur favourite Gd topic?
    me- reservation
    Hr- why?
    me- blahblah
    HR- give me on topic which will be my next GD topic in oher colleges
    me- IT sector
    HR- ok speak about it
    me- i give some points on it. well prepared for it
    HR- what training do u expect from us
    me- as a fresher i want to know each and everything
    Hr- how much time will u take to give maximum contribution to the growth of and organization?
    me- from 1st day onwards i will give my 100% and try to analyze each and everything of the company and it take around 6 months
    HR- do u have any question.
    me- where will i fit in th whole organization?
    she explained very well. 

    finally i got selected.

    All the best.

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