L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   ABES,Gaziabad-2 Nov 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   ABES,Gaziabad-2 Nov 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    I am SUNIL SHARMA of BHARAT INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY MEERUT. I recently attended L&T infotech campus recruitment held at 2nd -4th  NOVEMBER 2007 at ABES Gaziabad.
    Guys it was my 7 th company n I was able to clear written test of only 3 company including lnt.. (TCS ,HUGHES Communication)I lost my all hope of getting good job but was having a belief in me n GOD n Kept on working 4 prepaeration of Companies.Finally I got news of selection on Diwali after 4 days of giving interview.


    Should have consistently scored atleast 60% in 10th, intermediate and BTECH all sems. hould not have any history of fails in any class or semester.
    Process of Selection: 
    1) Written test on quantitative aptitude, reasoning and English each section consists of 30 questions => total 90 questions in 90 minutes.
      No negative marks 90 marks. There is sectional cutoff so u need to score in all sections properly The sectional cutoff was around 18-20
      Note: there are 3 sets of papers almost same standard. 
    2) Technical interview followed by group discussion 
    3) HR interview

    WELL we all were to sit together n have to speak strictly 2 minute on atopic of our choice n have to tell abt our intro,achievement n then topic in this mean time.Guys it sound easy but was?nt my 7 classmate were rejected in this most of them werw good speaker.
    Technical Interview:

    I gave my interview in very starting in morning. We were told to be ready 4 Tech. Interview but as I entered interview The guy started taking a H.R. Interview, n which ended as stress interview.In last He asked a C program on sorting n asked about sorting algorithm.

    HE Spoke only in Hindi through out interview.In starting He said to ask any 3 question which will decide my selection but said he?s not gonna to answer them.
    Then asked what I know about lnt n asked some terms like Operation ,maintenance,
    A major racent happening of IT Industry. I told so many event but he was n?t satisfied.

    Asked Why I din?t cleared aptitude test in previous attempt. I answered but He said This time it?s a fluke nothing else ,I tried to to make him understand that it?s not a fluke but this all was in vain.

    Asked about Achievements in detailed n puled my leg as much he can.

    Guys when I came out of interview room ,I was just about to weep. I was having only belief in God 4 a miracle n that happened
    I got the news of selection on eve of DIWALI .Thank God Really guys it?s a like a miracle.

    Questions in Written Test:


    Same questions come every time so better prepare these questions n go with confidence.
    1. In a kilometer race between A and B, A beats B by 9 seconds or 36 meter. Then what is the time taken by B to finish the race.                
    Sol:  When A has just completed the race it means B is behind by 36mts or  completed  966mts. And when a has taken T seconds to complete the race B  needs another 9 secs to complete the race; that means B runs another 36mts in 4sec so his speed is 36/9 = 4mts/sec. So travels 1000mts or 1km in 1000/(36/9)=250secs(time=dist/speed). So A completes race in 250-9sec=241secs [refer rs aggarwal quant aptitude race and gameof skills eg problem ]
    2. If 4apples and 6oranges cost 13/- and 2apples & 4oranges cost 7/- find cost of one apple and one orange.
    Sol: subtract 2nd eqn from 1st then we have 2a-2o=6 =>1apple and 1orange cost 3/- 
    3. If a person travels for P km in t hrs and then increases his speed by x km/hr find his new speed.
    a) (p/t)+x    b) pt+x         c)p/x+t     d)pt/x   ans:a
    4,5,6 questons based on statistics from a bar graph
    7. If a kite is at a height of 50mts from ground and the angle of inclination from a point on ground is 60degree then find length of the kite sting.
    Sol: based on trigonometry heights and distances: sin60=height of kite/length of string(altitude/hypotenuse)   ans:100/(root of 3)
    8. If avg. of 6 nos. is 8 and later 2 new nos. are added such that the avg of the present 8 nos is 6 then what is the avg of newly added two nos.

    Sol: avg=total sum of values/ no of objects or observation 
    8 =total sum of values of 6 nos /6 
    total sum of values of 6 nos=6*8=48
    now when 2 new nos are added applying same formula 6= total
    sum of values of 8 nos/8
    total sum of values of 8 nos=48 so the value has not changed which means the sum of added 2 nos is zero soavg=zero/2=zero (ans)                
    9.What % of 4/7 is 4/5?
    Sol: {(4/5)/(4/7)}*100= ans =140%
    10. By what % should a person sell an article so as to gain a profit of 24% even after giving a discount of 10 % 
    Sol) the easiest way to solve such problems is by assuming the cost price as 100rs So to get a profit of 24% means to sell at 100+24=124/- So suppose he sold it at 10% discount initially he sells at 90rs  so ther is a difference of 34/-
    11.One problem on Arithematic progression
    12.One on mean

    13. Matrix addition:
    If  1  2  3          1  1  1             0  1  2    
    5  7  9    =    3  4  7      +     2  3  2  
    2  3  4          1   1  1           1  2    ?     
    then what is the value of ?  ans: 4-1=3
    14. Find the determinant of a 3*3 matrix?  very easy

    15. A red light glows every 10sec, yellow every 15sec and red every 18sec. find the number of times all three glow together from 8:00AM to 9:00AM (including both times)

    Sol :LCM of 10,15,18 = 90. So every 90 seconds all three glow together so in one hour there are 3600 secs. So 3600/90=40 times but answer is 41 because they glow at 0th second that is at 8 Am since both times are included.
    16. If a man travels at 30km/hr is behind a car by 40mtrs. In 20sec if he leads the car by 20mts then what is speed of car

    17. If age of a person is x and his mothers age is 34. then after how many years will the mothers age be twice of the son? 
    (don't worry ans will be given in terms of x and we can answer it)

    18. One more age problem

    19. If a person takes 5 days and 8 hrs   to dig a trench ; then how many persons will dig 3 trenches in 1 day (with each day of  8 hrs work)

    20,21,22 questions based on arthematic calculation to check ur
    speed in calculating.(they may be time consuming though easy unless u can do some short cuts so better to avoid)

    One q based on allegation and mixture  go for error and trial method. Not able to recollect other 7 questions
    Verbal test: 30 questions
    Meanings 3 questions:

    Faux Pas : means a blunder (spelled as fau pa)
    Don't remember other two
    Arranging sentences in order(3 or 4 questions)
    Finding errors in a sentence(3 Qs)
    Reading passage (5 questions ): easy to score atleast 4 marks 
    out of 5 by reading questions and coming to passage to search
    answer also less time consuming
    Also anologies

    Based on venn diagram 3 questions
    1) Which diagram best represents musician, violinist and instrumentalist
    Ans: three concentric circles  the outermost circle being musician the inner circle instrumentalist and the innermost being violinist. Because every violinist a musician
    and instrumentalist but not the viceversa. Every instrumentalist is a musician but not the viceversa
    2) polygon, quadrilateral and rhombus
    Ans : the same as above answer rhombus is the innermost then the quadrilateral and outside is the polygon Explanation: a polygon is a 3 or more close sided figure so even a triangle and pentagon are polygons so is a quadrilateral which is a 4 sided fig and quad includes rombus, square, rectangle, kite, trapezium etc
    Not able to remember other one
    Three questions on seating arrangement (easy)
    3 questions based on giving 3 figures and then we are required to find the 4th fig which comes next in the logical sequence (easy)

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