L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Feb 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -22 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi, I am pranjal ?I appeared in L&T (Closed) on February 22 2008 in my college. Total 213 candidates appeared and out of them 98 cleared written,44cleared GD (Extempore), and finally 37 got selected. The details of recruitment procedure are:
    WRITTEN TEST: There are three parts in written test.
    1.Quantitative Aptitude (A bit tough)

    A total of 90 questions were there each Section of 30Q.
    Note: There will be sectional cut-off ,time management is essential 3 different sets were there.

    Aptitude covers most of the chapters in R.S.Agarwal. Chain rule, Pipes and Cisterns, Boats and streams, Data Interpretation, Percentage, Profit and Loss, Time and distance  Probability P & C etc.
    1) 4/5 is what percent of 4/7?
    2) Simplification, Mixtures are very important.

    Reasoning consisting of blood relations, Puzzle test, Venn diagrams, Statements and assumptions, Arithmetic Reasoning ,Series Completion, Coding-Decoding . Again R.S. AGARWAL is sufficient to clear this.

    Verbal was a bit tough.Syn, Analogies, Reading comprehension (very simple), correction of sentences, prepositions, Error finding, Jumbled Sentences etc constituted the major part. I Hope that you have to perform well in the three parts .

    There was GD in our college & I am in 1stGroup having 12 Candidates out of which 6 were selected & I am one of them, our topic was Is china threat to indian economy. Please concentrate more on comm. Skills & confidence rather than Shouting, because one whole group have been rejected because of fish market. Sometimes Extempore may also can take place

    A form was given to be filled up before this (HR) interview, my interview was last for 15 min.
    Questions were :
    I: Tell me something about yourself?
    M: Answered.
    I: Tell about your achievements?
    M: Answered.
    I : Which is india?s best player & why?
    M: Answered.
    I: What is Determination as it is my strength & why?
    M: Answered with examples.
    I: Any Seminars Delivered?
    M: Answered.
    I: Ask me about location whether small town is adaptable or not?
    M: Answered.
    I: Given a Situation that as being cap. of my cricket team if one player is not performing well than what u will do?.
    M: Told confidently.
    I: Ask still he is not playing well then?.
    M: Again given a convincing ans.
    I: At d end of interview after 3or4 more Qs, he again ask but still he is not playing well then you will keep him in or out of team?
    M: Again given a convincing ans.
    Dear friends this round was very simple as 37 out of 44 were selected & I am one of d lucky person among them, so please improve your communication skills & confidence & then u will definitely be get selected.

    Best of Luck to all of u
    Pranjal Agrawal.

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