L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -2 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    L & T PAPER ON 2nd APRIL


    Hi Friends, This is G.Ram Kumar who is having pleasure in sharing the news that I am placed in L&T InfoTech on 02/04/07??


    The three rounds which I cleared successfully are



    On a whole there were 499 students who attended the campus interview and out of that 88 were short listed for the second round and in the second round(i.e GD) the 88 were divided into 7 batches and in each batch an average of five students are selected.At last  38 out of 88 were short listed for profile interview?.

    In GD I would wish to say what u should not do..


    >Never show ur religious beliefs to the person handling GD. (For e.g. Keeping kunkum or sandal in the forehead cos ig the person is a phonetic person then he/she will reject u).

    >Then have proper eye contact with the person who is talking at the particular instant

    >Also the person will have a good impact if u start the GD. But start only if u have understood the topic well.

    >Else keep listening wat others say and when u are clear wit the topic then just oppose the people whom u were listening

    >And it ll be better if u be different in ur views, that is if none is there to support the negative point u just talk for the negative.


    That?s all in GD?????

    Coming to talk about HR, Be bold and show ur confidence in your eyes. It was a group HR for us? For 8 students , a single HR??

    He asked every one of us to talk about anything for two minutes?

    He will be provoking  to check ur stress? so don get tensed for wat ever he says.. Just have a smile and answer him????..


    All the best friends????.

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