L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -11 Mar 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -11 Mar 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends, lnt infotech visited our college on 11th of March, after being not able to clear the aptitude in 2 companies i.e. Accenture and Mastek frankly speaking i was not sure that  this time i'll make it but due to god's grace i finally made it, and i have been selected.

    Friends i'll make my full attempt to share my experience fully with you.
    To start with they told us to assemble at 8:15am in morning the aptitude test had started on 9:45am.

    Frankly speaking the aptitude was little difficult then what i had attempted for Accenture.
    and yes plz plz plz dont let performance anxiety kill your skills keep your head cool and don't expect much, trust me things would go write.
    it consisted of 3 sections:
    2)logical reasoning

    friends there were total 90 Q and 90 min. were given, attempt those Q first which u find easy and make sure u atleast get them write coz there is sectional cut off.after u have attempted all of them then try for the one patiencely the one that u had missed. don't panic even if u get few of them write.
    in Maths there were Q from time & distance, percentage, simple interest, compound interest, few ratio problems.
    there was a problem on graph that was damn easy i.e.one sum on data interpretation, few problems from data sufficiency again preety easy.
    i remember few sums like:
    Q)two places A & B 90km apart.a cycle starts from A at 15km/hr at the same time a car starts from B at 50km/hr after how long will they meet.
    Q)at 4% interest per year what interest will ram get on 5000rs. after 71/2yrs.
    from Logical reasoning i don't remember whether puzzle test (from rs aggarwal verbal nonverbal) was asked but yes one should be extremely comfortable with venn diagram the paper was flooded with Q from that part
    that was pretty easy to crack.
    from English section there was there one big passage, then there were Q like few broken statements are given and one have to find the correct order brain twisting i'll say.
    then there were Q like 2 words are given they have some relation in them find an option which is having similar relation.

    after clearing apti we were told to assemble quickly in one room were gd was arranged for us.
    friends for clearing gd i have just one suggestion BE DOMINATING.
    dont think that someone will ask u to say something just open ur mouth and say something, they had selected even those fellows who hardly said something.
    actually it was more of a debate coz 15 people in my group were parted in two teams of which one had to speak for and one against. the topic given to us was "is too much money spent on advertisment".7 people cleared the gd including me.
    after the results were out they told us to fill a form, again be extremely careful while filling the form bcoz in interview most of the Q would be asked from the data provided by u in the form.
    now we were ready to sit for the interview.

    i was pretty confident before going in front of that guy, i don't know why but i didn't had any fear in me, trust me that helps a lot.
    the guy who took my interview was not at all smiling in fact he was in pensive mood.
    my number was 2nd last and so the coordinator told me to go in:
    me: sir may i come in.
    sir: yes plz.
    sir: give me your form
    sir: so ashutosh tell me about yourself.
    me: told so...........
    sir: u have mentioned ur positive points why have u not written your negative points.
    me: sir there was no column for that (plz atleast u don't give such stupid answer)
    sir: ok now tell me something negative u feel about yourself
    me: told so............
    sir: don't give me diplomatic answers
    me: (i got little angry) sir u feel this is diplomatic reason and then i explained him my problems
    sir: tell me about your family.
    me: told so (again don't tell anything extra just say what u have written in the form)
    sir: tell about ur biggest achievement in life.
    me: sir getting into engineering.
    sir: why so?
    me: sir that is why i am sitting here in front of u.
    sir: tell me about the tpp project that u have done.
    me: (i had bagged first prize in it) i told so.
    sir: u have done project in dbms(sem-4)and pct tell me about it.
    me: (u know what i forgot the full name of pct but it doesn't matters much) sir we had done a project
    on company database but that was on assignment paper rather than in sql.
    sir: can i ask u something technical from c,c++.
    me: why not sir if i am knowing the answers then ill surely answer them else i am sorry i don't know (guys that was the turning point he just wasnted to see my confidence and that i am not scared of technical Qs.)
    sir: ok thank you.
    me: that's it sir.
    sir: yes, do u want to ask me anything 
    me: sir what is my aptitude score.
    sir: sorry its company policy i cant disclose it.
    me: sir am i selected
    sir: your selection is not in my hands (that was the first time he smiled)
    me: ok sir then meet u in lnt

    we had a handshake and i left.
    u know friends before my interview all candidates that he had interviewed he had asked them Qs for around 35-45min.but mine session was over in 15min thats it.then the results were out in 1hr.and then at around 9pm they declared the result and i was selected.
    they gave us offer letter which we had to sign immidiately and give it to them.
    the package offered by them is 2.2lakhs per annum excluding ctc(i dont know what it is they said it is some allowance).
    finally at end of the tiring day i became a proud infonite.

    aptitude appeared:500-600
    aptitude cleared:117
    gd cleared:61
    pi cleared:45......(all fig. are approx.)

    finally i'll thank freshersworld.com it helped a lot,i hope what i had written is of some help to u.
    see u at lnt.

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