L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Other   -

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    7 Jan, 2012

     L & T Infotech  

    1. a( [ B ( [A^ C]]
    where '(' and '^' are symbols related to SET and '^' is not exact symbol , it is curved not conical(due to limitation of key board ), represents"union" 
    a. has no sense
    b.It is associative as well as commutative 

    2.2's complement of given Binary number 

     3. Octal Equivalent of a Binary number

    4.Given -- 
    Ac + AB + BC = 
    a. AC
    b. BC+AC 

    5. Question related to linked list Given a program coding in C++ and asked what it is doing.class definition not given
    choices were a. Deleting a node
    b. Adding a node at head
    c. Adding a nde at end
    I think it is adding a node at the head of the node.  
    Note:You must go through linked list verywell both class definition and program to adding the node ,deleting the node ,
    initialising the linked list etc..

    6.Some Questions related to data structures like traversing through
    TREE etc. 
    7.Evaluate given polish prefix expression ( i am not remembering the expression)

    8. LIST| Sort | MORE
    a. Lists the files after sorting and diplay "more"
    b. List or sort the file and ask for any more files
    ( I do remember only these two choises ) 

    ren TXT*.AXB TXT*.ayb
    DEL *.ayb
    What are the files listed?
    a. only '.' and '..'
    b. all files starting TXT
    c. No files listed  

    10. 1 simple question from COBOL 
    a) What is reverse engineering.
    b) Octal of some binary number(comes to 165 in decimal after
    c) A cobol prog with an integer array(I guess coz i did not have
    Cobol in my syllabus).           
    d) A problem on Depth first search(very simple).
    e) Question on Grammar's frm Theory of computer science.
    f) Something like Select the correct option when
    A Subset of (B Subset of ( A Intersection B)
    if B is completely contained by A.
    g) A question on memory(quite simple).
    h) A couyple of questions on C(one on pointers).
    These r all I can remember.

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