L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vidyaniketan College Of Engg, Tirupati-13 Jul 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Vidyaniketan College Of Engg, Tirupati-13 Jul 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hi frns........ a total11out of around 1200 were selected........in l&T infotech every round is elimination one....out of 1200 around 130 guys were cleared written and after written ppt was given then 130 candidates were divided into 3 batches and extempo was held..i choose global warming as my topic...u should be careful in extempo u can choose any topic.it should not be technical r the recent movie i watched.......it is better if u give conclusion also...............then around 70 guys were clered in extempo and only 20 guys cleared tr and11 guys got placed and iam happy bcoz iam 1 among them............

    written pattern:-90 q in 90 mins

    30 quant,30 reasoning,30 english.the written paper is not too tough but not too easy one .english is toughest in total...it is better to go for rc in english sectionits very easy...there were 5 analogies,3 synonymsremaining correction,and find wrong part in some part of sentence.........i first attempted english then reasoning then qunt so i had not enough time in quant

    I attempted around 23 quant ,25 reasoning and 25 in english i kept remaining questions same option..as there was no negative.......reasoning is very easy all the questions were frm rs agarwal,blood relations,venndiahgram,analyticalreasoning,syllogolismno need to concentrate u r good enough.quant is also easy..boats,men,work,time and distance, datainterpretation,howmany n's after o not followed by t etc..,

    extempo will be in u r hand.............,it is better if u go prepared on any topic to talk for 1 min. next day on 14 at 4pm i was called fr tr 

    tr:-hi, wts u r area of intrest
    me:-analog communication&edc
    tr:-phase modulation?
    tr:-how u will get FM frm pmdraw it
    tr:then draw integrator
    tr:-realise it with op amps or bjts
    ---------------drawn it with op amp------------
    tr:-tell abt 86 micro
    tr:-wts zener diode
    tr:-given a ckt and asked to solve to find r intems of i
    me:-done it
    tr:-rate u r self in c in 10 scale
    me :-5
    then on how u declare malloc,xplaain a program on struct using pointers,static variable scope and longevity.........etc...........

    then after 15 min i got acall frm hr
    abt lunch???
    rank in eng entrence xam??
    y u choose this coll u may get in university???(i said i preferredfor branch)
    y u choose ece(at that time my frns and well wishers..............blaha blah..........)
    wts ur extempo topic???
    y choose that???????
    do u dream??
    how many times a day??
    abt wt...u will dream....??
    wt r u actions fr makin u rdreams true?
    do u read ??
    how u r feelin the 2 days of lengthy sessions???????
    abt family back ground????
    how much time in aday????
    at u will read ,papers, magzine?????????
    u r weeknesss?????

    Thank u

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