L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SSBTE COE, Jalgaon-28 Jan 2011

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SSBTE COE, Jalgaon-28 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi this is Ankit Bhimjiyani from G.H.Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Jalgaon, L & T Infotech conducted a pool campus interview at SSBTE COE, Jalgaon on the 29th and 30th of January 2011. The criteria for appearing for the interview was 58% aggregate with not more than 2 ATKTs and always remember that EACH ATTEMPT IS COUNTED AS AN ATKT so almost a quarter of the hall got empty after realizing the criteria. Also you need to have more than 58% in 10th and 12th or likewise for diploma students. The most important thing which you should remember when you appear for L & T infotech is that fill the form which they provide perfectly and show that you have put effort in filling it. Don?t give 2 word answers at all. All your questions will be based on what you have answered in that form.

    The selection process was as follows:

    1) Aptitude Test
    2) Group Discussion
    3) Technical Interview
    4) HR Interview
    The first day of the interview was only for colleges in Jalgaon and only aptitude test was to be conducted. The test was scheduled to start a quarter of an hour after 4. We were called there at 3.30 but I was present there around 2.30 and you should always reach the place an hour before to calm your nerves. The pattern of the test was as follows:
    Quant(30 marks)
    Reasoning(30 marks)
    Verbal(30 marks)
    The time for the test was exactly 90 minutes and don?t even think about copying because there are 3 different sets like pink blue and green and they make sure that students with the same set don?t sit together. Remember to start with the verbal section first because time management is always the most important thing. I completed the verbal section within 15 minutes as I m damn good at it. The questions consisted of mostly analogies, synonyms, to correct the errors in sentences based on grammatical mistakes, etc. there is a passage in the end with 5 questions on it which is to be kept for the last 5 minutes or so.
    After that I moved to the reasoning section and the first 5 questions were on blood relations which took up a bit of my time the next 25 questions were on drawing conclusions from a set of sentences, syllogisms, finding the next figure in a set of figures and so on which was pretty easy. Now came the toughest part for me atleast which was quant. The questions were on time and speed, matrices, profit and loss, percentage, ratio and proportion and some simple questions like finding the value of x and the last 5 were data sufficiency type of questions which was a boon for me. I had a feeling I will crack the apti and I was thrilled when my number 131 was announced with my name at around 9 pm. It was a great moment coz cracking the apti was THE biggest hurdle for me.
    On the next day we were called at 8.30 am for the pre placement talk I reached around 8 and I hadn?t prepared much for the interview coz I thought I will get time to study afterwards which I didn?t get. The pre placement talk was impressive and the HR asked us to question him and I made my mark at that time. He also showed us a video about L & T which was nice. After that we were taken for the GD. Groups were made I was in the 5th group and had to wait a bit. Our topic was ?Are films corrupting the minds of the Indian Youth?? I was thrilled to get that topic I initiated the GD and remember that it is a very important thing to do that you bet extra marks for it. My 1st point was how I got inspired by Mark Zuckerberg for coding after watching the social network and about no 1 killed Jessica and stuff. Other students made a good point about the I QUIT thing in 3 idiots.
    The GD was a fish market at times but it was pretty cool. I concluded too so I knew I was going to be selected and I did. Then came the technical round I studied a lot about C, C++,C#, OS, DBMS, etc. then came my turn around 30 minutes after the GD. I waited outside till the technical head read my form and resume. I was called in and I have to tell you he was the coolest tech head I had ever met. He was so informal and I felt like I was having a normal chat with my friend. I was damn confident and answered almost all questions. He asked me questions mainly on software testing like what is SDLC, unit testing, integration testing, UAT, defect removal, etc. he asked me many HR type questions too like what do your parents do why engineering, why L & T, why diploma. Remember to be confident and everything goes smoothly. I had a feeling I will be selected and I was. The HR was a cakewalk and there always remember to ask atlteast something don?t just say no. I asked about the recent restructuring of L& T I had decided to ask this question and this proved to be very valuable.  
    I got the news on the 30th afternoon that I got selected it was one of the best moments of my life. Hard work always pays off thanx a lot to freshersworld fot the excellent posts and papers so be prepared and if you have any queries mail me at ankitrb2005@gmail.com

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