L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SRMCEM, Lucknow-4 May 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   SRMCEM, Lucknow-4 May 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    HELLO!!!! Everyone.

    I am Pragya Singh pursuing my B.Tech at B.B.D.N.I.T.M. Lko in I.T and I am proud to say that I have been placed in L&T infotech .

    We had a join campus at srmcem, lko. We were asked to come at 8:30a.m and ppt was to start at 11:00a.m. However, due to sum technical problem they could not start it on time.  Since the problem could not be rectified, we had to end up with a few oral information about the company. Then they gave us answer sheet and paper, here I wud like to tell dat there were 3 sets of paper, pink, yellow and white.

    Now I m going to describe the procedure in detail:


    1. Written test
    The paper consisted of 90 ques to b done in 90 mins. It was divided into 3 sections, each containing 30 ques. There was no ?ve marking.

    a) Quantitative apti: permutations combinations, probability, matrix, determinant, ratio n proportion, mixture n allegations, age, distance, train etc. the questions were damn easy, u jst need to b thorough with your fundamentals n formulas, r.s agrawal is more dan enough .


    b) Reasoning: puzzles, syllogism, ranking, sequence, to find nxt figure, rest I do not remember.

    c) English: this was easy. Passages, analogies, vocabulary, conclusion, replacing a part of sentence wid other options, etc etc.


    they declared the result after 3 hrs, since the OMR ans sheet were provided. 107 students cud clear it out of 550 students n of course, I was one of them?

    They told us dat interviews will b tomorrow.


    2. Technical interview

    We were divided into 4 groups, since 4 panels were simultaneously running the interviews. Before that we were asked to fill a 4 page form, plz give only true information.

    Questions to me were:

    What r your areas of interest?

    What r d disadvantages wid arrays?

    What do u mean by database consistency?

    What must b the features of a good database?

    Few ques related to link-lists.

    What r n/w topologies?

    What is peer-to-peer communication?

    What is http and https?

    Ques on ddl and dml.

    Ques on data structures.

    How will u convince me to hire u?

    What kind of person are you?

    How will u manage your team?

    So, u prefer listening or singing (in my hobbies I wrote singing)?

    In the form, for location preferred I wrote mysore , he said why mysore , why not banglore? I said, sir I can work anywhere, I wrote mysore just like that.

    Then v had some debate kind of session on perfectionism, he was impressed by my answers. I must say that, my interviewer was a very nice person, he made me so comfortable that I was able to clear that phase. It lasted for, 30 mins.

    Then he said thank u and wait for the HR, at this moment I was 100% sure that I have cleared that phase. THANK GOD?


    3. HR interview

    After 15 mins. My HR took place.  It was a stress interview.

    I think my tech. interview was too good, and I was given a very good remark, that?s why the hr person went 4 stress int. but I managed it easily? THANK GOD

    I was following ques:

    Meaning of my name.

    My rank in upsee.

    My position in my class.

    What do I do in spare time?

    From where I get I.T related news?

    Name of some, major publication houses.

     Give me an e.g. where u had taken initiative.

    He asked, which book u have read recently?

    I said, the monk who sold his Ferrari

    He said, tell me 10 new things that u have learned from that book

    I told him.

    He was framing ques from my answers.

    He said, u can ask me a ques.

    I asked, what r the criteria that your organization uses for performance appraisal?

    He said, why do u need to know this?

    I said, so that I cud reach the peak of the job as soon as possible.

    He said, how can u say that I am going to hire u?

    I said, I believe that I am  the right candidate for this post, blah, blah, blah?

    I think he was impressed.

    It lasted for 10-15 mins.


    On 8th the result was declared. From my college 12 more are selected. I am very happy. Its all by god?s grace. Thank u bhagwan ji, thanks a lot.

    It was my 5th company. In previous exams I cud not clear even the written, except in hcl, but since it was my 1st int. I had no idea abt the atmosphere, so I got nervous. But this time I cleared all the stages with full confidence. Now, I am a proud member of the famous and prestigious L&T infotech?


    My parents, my sisters and brother, my mausi, my friends they all helped me a lot.

    Many Many  Thanks to all of u!!!!


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