L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh -24 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh -24 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hello friends, Finally i got placed in L & T Infotech Its my fourth company. I had never cleared even aptitude in the last three, but with god's grace i cleared all the round and finally got the offer letter at last.

    My Experience
    Aptitude Test on at RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh    24/04/07
    GD,Extempore & Interview on 25/04/07

    Test consist of 3 sections and there was sectional cut off also but no negative marking. Total 90 questions in 90 minutes, 30 in each.

    In Ist section
    Mental ability, General determinants, matrices and some simple maths questions.

    IInd section
    Quant, Venn diagrams and non verbal reasoning, Situationl questions.

    IIIrd section
    Grammar, Sentence, Meaning and a passage.

    Result was out at 11 Pm same day on Internet. I was watching Casino royale when my friend called  me and informed that i had cleared, i was shocked. Then ask him wat will be the next process and search for the material. I read some papers and slept at 2 am in the morning.

    Next day i woke up at 6 am. Ready with all and gone to gurdwara sahib first then to RIMT. I am in the first batch.Our Extempore started at 8.30 am exactly. A nice mam Sarita De'Suza came in the room. we are 20 students. She told us the rules that we have to give 1 min intro then after that 1 min views on the topic continously.

    Topic was " Should there be private universities in india" My turn was fifth, i was in the favour of the topic. I gave the intro first then 2 views about topic i.e. no of seats and example of meerut university. Mam Sarita was comtinously observing  each and every person. After all that she called 7 names and said u can leave best of luck for next time. Then said just discucss the topic. After that we were 13 out of 20. She gave us a form( Big form),  it took half hour to fill the form. Then we wait for till 2 pm then attended the farewell which was at the college for 2 hours then gone  back to the college for interview.

    Interviewer was very good and frank person. He was actually HR head.
    My turn was 7th, it was at 4.30

    Me: May i come in.
    Int: Just wait outside for 10 Sec.
    Me: Ok sir
    Me:(After 15 sec) May i Come in
    Int: yes
    Me:Thank you sir
    Int: U r
    Me : Sir Rajan Arora
    Int: How r u feeling today at this moment of time
    Me: good
    Int: why
    Me : i told its my first chance that i am upto this round and its my first interview.
    Int: Ok
    Int: Do u have the lunch.
    Me : yes sir
    Int : What did you eat
    Me: Veg Pullao with curd
    Int: (Hindi) Humke to college walo ne plain rice khilain hai.
    Int: Do you know what is SDLC.
    Me; Yes sir its system developement life cycle.
    Int: Tell me the phases od SDLC
    Me: Told.......
    Int: Before SDLC what should be done
    Me : told abt information gathering, cost etc.......
    Int: Tell me different type of SDLC
    Me :told 3 but forgot 4th one
    Int: Any other,
    Me; Sorry sir i can't recollect it.
    Int : try again
    Me; Sorry sir
    Int: What's this showing the form which was filled up before. Its written "No of subject in each semester not cleared in first attempt"
    I Read it mistakently "No of subject in each semester cleared in first attempt"
    I had written 6 in each column.
    Int: Did u read wat's this. u r having 6 backlog in each semester.
    Me: No sir, i am topper of my class.
    Int: then wat's this.
    Me: sorry sir, canm i correct it now.
    Int: u should
    Int: Write here i have no backlogs and i am topper of my class.
    Me : written
    Int: Do you have any girl friend
    Me; No sir
    Int: why
    Me: expalined everything and demerits of having a girl friend i.e. hostel story about relationships etc...
    Int: u have written weakness "do too much work"
    Int: wat do you mean by this
    Me: i explained i am so dedicated that i want to complete work in less time but it creates physical ,mental and stress problems.
    Int: Mental how
    Me; Sir stress. Main problem
    Int: that's why u r not having GF
    Me; May be
    Int: Why L & T
    Me; Told as usual same lines.................
    Int: ok Rajan
    Int: Congrats
    Int: Best of luck ( Hand shaking)
    Me: Thanks
    Int: Bye
    Me :Bye sir

    It takes only 15 minutes in interview Just nothing happen

    Result is after 2 hour that is at 7.30 but result came at 9.00 pm
    My Name was at 10 place , first in my college Then PPT at 9.30 pm PPT ends at 10.15 then they gave us offer letter.
    Package 2.3 lac in training after that 3.0 lac

    Best of luck to all
    Just have faith in GOD, everything will happen good and don't take any tension regarding placements.

    One day we all will be placed. Hope to see u in Mumbai or Pune

    With love
    Rajan Arora

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