L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-12 Mar 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   Not Specified-12 Mar 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi Frnds...
    starting wid a gud news.....i got placed in L&T Infotech...

    i gone through the selection procedure on 8th march in LIET Alwar..n believe me it was not tough at all,if u r prepaired enough..
    The Selection Procedure consist of 4 Rounds..

    1) An Online Test
    2) Group Discussion
    3) Profile Interview
    4) HR Interview

    The Toughest part was the online test..al though it wasnt dat hard..bt again the time plays an important role.. it consisted of 6 section(verbal,non verbal,english,aptitude,logic,bar-graph)wid total 60 questions to be completed in 60 mins...wid sectional cut-off.

    There was no negative marking...bt i guess there criteria was high...as they selected only abt 30-40% candidates in 1st round.. My suggestion is to simply go through each n every ques. as they all were easy bt needed presence of mind.. skip the question if takes more than 4-5 mins.

    The English section was very easy.. simply prepare following topics frm R.S Aggarwal..

    1) Time n Place
    2) Problems on Age
    3) Blood Relation
    4) Puzzle
    5) Sequence
    6) Bar-Graph
    Once u got through the 1st round..its half done.. Now Its only ur communication skills and ur confident..that will give u ur OFFER LETTER....!!!
    The 2nd round was GD...
    Now the basic funda of winning a gd is to either START or END.

    I started the GD...
    It ws a group of 12 candidates,sitting in circle..topis was CAPITAL PUNISHMENT IN AFZAL CASE. My starting gave me a positive kick...she(our mentor) was so impressed dat she selected me instantly n dint even lemme speak in last moments..

    Just be confident n bang them wid ur words.. Even if u dint get to start...jus be the one who opposes the person dat started..dat will surely dig u out.. Once u clear the GD..u r on ur way....

    The next round was Profile Interview..i entered n we started

    Lady: can i have ur Resume?
    Me: Sure mam,here it is..
    Lady: so tell me abt urself..
    Me: Told
    Lady: Abt ur Training..
    Me: Told(jus be confident n be honest)
    Lady: Suppose u r workin on a project  wid 10 people n 2-3 of them r not workin properly,wat u'll do?
    Me: mam,frst ill try to find out there interest,if they r interested in some other projects of company,ill tranfer them there... n if they r still nt interested then they r total waste,ill throw them out...coz as a employee its my responsibility to create interest in my work, rather than to work according my terms...n thats wat u expect frm me..i guess..
    Lady: well,do u have any prob. if u r sent to some remote area??
    Me: not at all mam...!!
    Lady: Ok.. how many Languages n operating sytem r u familiar wid..??
    ME: Told
    Lady: so wats the diff  b/w java n c++,if they both r OOP??
    Me: Clearly Explained each n every fact.. n there were some more gen. ques...she was jus checkin my Confidence my reactions.. jus keep smilin al the time n dont lose ur eye contact.. The final round ws supposed to be an Extempore bt due to lack of time,they conducted HR...

    The Interviewer was young n highly educated..frst i ws nervous bt i knew dat i jus have to b confident..dat will work..

    Him: So,Tarun..hw ws the procedure till nw??
    Me: Sir it was very great..Test ws gud to me..GD ws very cool n PI ws also interesting.
    Him: Does it ws tiring?
    Me: not for me sir,i ws enjoyin..
    Him: So Tarun,start wid something abt urself.
    Me: Sir,basically m a delhi-hite,who is a total comp freak..loves to explore more n more in computer.. highly interested in comp. languages...done many of them on my own..
    Him: Tell me abt ur achievements?
    Me: Told(Honestly)(he ws strictly goin through my resume)
    Him: U've metioned here ur strengths,explain VERSATILITY in ur terms??(Dont write ne word which u r nt familiar wid)
    Me: Sir,by this i simply mean..i can work newhere in  ne condition..i'll adapt u quickly..
    Him :U've mentioned writing articles n reading IT magazines as ur hobbies..wat type of articles?? (now this ws the only lie in my resume...bt i handled..u better be carefull)
    Me: Jus my way to express my views on current issues in newspaper.
    Him: N wats the latest news u got frm IT magazines?
    (Nw here i ws lucky,i recently gave a ppt in my college)
    Him: U got to knw abt dat....gud!!!!(he ws highly impressed n smiled for the frst time)
    Him: Ok,Tarun,gimme a reason in one line why i shud hire u??
    Me: Sir,i jus need a single chance to show my skills in computers...
    Him: Ok Tarun,thanks a lot,pls wait for ur results..
    Me: Thank u sir..Thanks a lot..

    Tip: Jus prepare ur resume strictly...they will try u mingle..bt b staright forward n dnt write ne thing u dnt knw..

    Tarun Bajaj

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