L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IES-IPS Academy, Indore( M.P.)-20 Feb 2008

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   IES-IPS Academy, Indore( M.P.)-20 Feb 2008

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi...friends, i m Prateek Watwale ( C. S.branch ) from ies-ips academy ,indore. L & T infotech visited my college on 21st feb, and conducted written test. there were 90 que. in test. paper was devided into three sections, and each section contained 30 que. 

    first section was quantitive apti. second was logical reasoning and the third was verbal ability there was section cut off around 22 que. from each section. 

    in this test 240 students appeared and 170 were short-listed, after declaration of results, for group discussion 10 groups were made and in each were  17 students.

    i was in the second group and topic of discussion was  " age of 18 years for marriage in India is justified or not " HR devided group of 17 into two 8 on one side rest 9 on the other side, now one group had to speak in the favor and other in the against of the topic. 

    our discussion continued for 35 min. which was then interrupted by HR. No conclusion came out as it was not expected in the group of 17 candidates.

    HR was not satisfied with the discussion. he disclosed the result there and then. 5 Out of 17 got selected remain seated and i was one of them, other left. 

    friends in GD it is very important to take initiative, show cooperation. 

    our HR said I will judge you on the basis of three qualities and he said priority order is 

    * communication skills
    * cooperation and group working
    * content 

    so don't bother about content if u r not familiar with the topic, as discussion goes on points come, and avoid to create fish market and never look at HR during discussion. so, work to improve ur communication skills as much as you can in the remaining days. go through current affairs, bercoz GD is the elimination round.

     finally out of 170 only 58 could make through. 

    on 22nd we had interview, there were three panels, and hardly anyone was interviewed more than 20 min. i was intervied for 20 min. and YES! no technical que, were asked to me. and in case if asked to anyone they jsut asked basic concepts of C and C++ like what is pointer? array, link list, features  of OOPS, so friends do not bother if u r not very good in tech. all you need to have is JUST basic knowledge. 

    my interveiw was something different than others, it was more like fun rather than an interview , when i went in  i was nervous but soon i started enjoying it and HR as well. i would love to share it with you all : 

    ( when my name was called i entered into the room and walked to chair) 

    me: good afternoon sir !
    HR: good afternoon, take ur seat .
    me: thank you sir! ( he was looking my C V  then looked up)
    HR: how r u feeling
    me: i m feeling good
    HR: define yourself
    me: i'm a friendly person with positive attitude, that helps me to learn many things and,......( he interrupted)
    HR: what have u learnt from ur friends and how they help u to learn.
    me: most of my college frnz belongs to different cities, they have to manage things themselves i learnt punctuality and to bear responsibilities of mine.
    HR: u have written COGENCY your strenght.  what is cogency?
    me: sir, it is the ability to conveince somebody on an issue , situation,
    HR: can u conveince me at any point, any situation?
    me: yes sir!
    HR: r u sure?
    me: yes sir, i m sure!
    HR: ok! conveince me that you are a girl
    ( i started thinkin, but nothing came to my mind) then i said
    me: would you like to come for movie with me
    HR: why should i come with you?
    me"; coz there i hav seen so many boys always behind me, asking for movie and being their date but i refuse i like your attitude ( now he was smiiling)
    HR: what you like in my attitude
    me: don't u remem. the last time we were sitting in cafe house you let me pay the bill , i've seen other boys don't do that. so i think now it's my tern.
    HR: ok, prateek you gave me an imaginary example. but u hav to prove here to me that u r a girl.
    ( i was thinking again,but he interrupted)
    HR: r u  a boy?
    me: of course i m! (smiling)
    HR: then prove it!
    me: i have all my documents in my folder, see my 10th marksheet, it is clearly stated that i m Male.
    HR: so u need certificates to prove that u r a boy?
    me: no sir, i can prove it other ways.
    HR: what are those ways?
    me: sir these 14th feb i proposed my girl friend, and a girl will accept proposal only when a boy propose her, so that prooves that i m a boy.
    HR: u might hav heared about  similar sex relationship. such cases contadict your point.
    me: yes sir!
    me: sir boy have some unique qualities different then girls like they ride bikes, smoke, their physical struct. is different
    HR: these days girls do wear clothes like boys, they ride bikes and smoke as well ( i was thinking again)
    HR: c;mon prateek it's simple.
    me: yes sir i m trying, sir, i can shout aloud , boys have different pitch of voice and freq than girls so u can differentiate.
    HR: suppose a girl uses surgery to change the voice, it is possible now a days ( he was trying to trap me, again he was smiling, )
    me: sir , if a girl so much desperate to become a boy , so what could be done ( i smiled too)
    HR: ok prateek, now ur not allowed to give any hypo examples, u have to prove here and now that u r a boy.
    me: i'm sitting here my shave cleaned, so i will come back to you after two days when my beard will be dense enough to ensure that i m a boy..  ( i smiled and he smiled too)
    HR: ok, mr. Prateek . you can go now!
    me: thank you sir, have a nice day! 

    when i was out of room i was more confident than i went in.  it was 20 min. interveiw and time passed by so quickly that i could not notice. finally 22 students were selected and i was to be one of them. i'm sure the experience i shared  will be helpful to you.

    so frnds all you hav to show is ur confidence and communication skills.

    at that time just speak what u feel like speaking , my interview was started and completed just with one of my strenghts. cogency, so try to drive your interview the way u want by emphasising your strengths and comfort areas.

    whatever u write in CV be certain of it. take it in an easy way and give ur best performence leave rest on luck.


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