L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -1 Jan 2005

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   General - Interview   -1 Jan 2005

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    7 Jan, 2012



    Finally and finally i got thru Larsen & Turbo Infotech Limited. I applied for their off-campus recruitment given in the recent advertisement in Anandabazar Patrika. I got a call on Tuesday evening that my test is on Friday, so i had only 2 days for preparation. I deperately searched for the paper pattern in all the groups but all the pattern were obsolate.

    FINAL LIST = 47
    WRITTEN TEST- Duration 40 mins 36 questions. 0.25 -ve marking
    8 figures were given in the form given below and u will have to find 9th one by the combination of the 8 previous ones. 8 options were given out of which one was correct.
    A  B  C
    D  E  F
    G  H  __
    Here ABCDEFGH are all different figures and u will have to find the last one. There r some definite rules of solving these types of problems.......
    (1) Some problems were of overlapping pattern. Putting A on B u will get C. Putting D on E u will get F, so on.
    (2) Some problems were like a musical chair pattern. Three figures were there on every row. They repeat with a diff pattern on the other row.
    (3) Subtract the common portion of A & B and add the uncommon portion to get figure C.
    (4) Each figure contains multiple shades and each shade move to the next figure using a definite pattern(may b by shifting right or left).
    (5) Product of A & B to produce C. ( If A is square,B bend line....C will be square like figure with sides bended)
    the paper was prepared by J.C.Raven. u can refer the book figure matrices by j.c.raven all Q  were from that book itself. it will like very is but toughness will increase from q to q.
    Most of the problems can be solved by these ways. The first 20 were very easy.20-30 were mediocore level tough. 30-36 were untouchable. I amnaged to do 31 within the stipulated time. I got my name in no 2 position. The cutoff  maybe was 25 or 27
    I was asked to fillup a form which contained all the detaisl of my curriculum, projects, Skills, Strengths, weakness, Why L & T, Accomplishments till date and so on....
    TECH interview
    Interview was cool for about 20 mins. CSE-IT candidates who wrote DBMS in form had a tough time coz most of their projects were DBMS based.
    Fortunately my panel was a single man panel.
    Interviewer: Ok Dibalok ! tell me something about yourself
    Me: I am B.Tech.....HS in ....ICSE in .....Hobbies are....I give my heart in whatever i do. Like working in team.Blah...blah....
    Interviewer: Tell me your strenghts ?
    Me: Hard Working, Drive, Motivation......
    Interviewer: But in your form u have written something different ?
    Me: It had fewer spaces. So i was telling u some other Strengths that i have beside what i wrote in my form, coz those are already in the form.
    Interviewer: he smiled.....
    Me: Told my strenghts as per my form.
    Interviewer: Subjects that ur comfortable with ?
    Me: Basic electronics, Digital Logic, Digital Communication
    Interviewer: Draw a diode. Explain the operation. What is threshold voltage. Typical values. Why the current rises rapidly. Direction of current. Which one is anode - cathode.
    Me: Drew and expalined all.
    Interviewer: What is a PN junction doide.
    Me; It's a PN junction diode that i explained.
    Interviewer: Draw npn transistor ?
    Me: I Drew it.
    Interviewer: Expalain what r the terminals ? Why so called.Utility of it.
    Me: Basically a Tr. can be used for amplification.
    Interviewer: Give example.
    Me; I drew the diagram and explained the amplification process in CE mode.
    Interviewer: What is a JK-FF?
    Me: Said at first what is a FF. and then explained a JK-FF. Drew the diagram, TT and block diagram
    Interviewer: Utility of JK.
    Me: Expalined as a  toggle FF and utility in Master Slave.
    Interviewer: What r universal gates & why ?
    Me;NAND, NOR...implementation of all CKTs
    Interviewer: Draw or with NOR.
    Me; Drew it.
    Interviewer: Anything from C
    Me: ya i did it in my earlier sems...i hav the basic knowledge and will try any program.
    Interviewer: No need
    Me: I was surprised.
    Interviewer: Why do u wanna shift to Software?
    Me: Because it is bright n prosperous future and quick recognization of talent leading to faster growth.
    Interviewer: How many bit proccessor is 8085 ?
    Me: 8-bit.
    Interviewer: Why ?
    Me; Data Bus is 8 bit.
    Interviewer: And address bus ?
    Me; 16 bit.......8 + 8....for two way.
    Interviewer: What is the difference between AM and FM ?
    Me; Expalined all.
    Interviewer: Draw ?
    Me; I drew.
    Interviewer: Gave me a ramp signal and told me to transnmit it using FM.
    Me: I was confused. Never heard of ramp signal being transmitted by FM. I told that in order to transmit a signal it need to be periodic. Since ramp is not periodic it cannot be tranmitted. I was not sure but i answered confidently.
    Interviewer: What r ur Projects ?
    Me; Told my two projects and gave a overview on the both
    Interviewer: Ok ! u wait outside we will tell ur results shortly.
    Me: Thank You, Sir.
    There were times when he tried to shift to some Software concepts but i quickly brought him back on my subjects. Be confident.....learn some good answer to some typical HR questions...Wear a tie (must for interviews, always creates a good immpresion)......Answer confidently even if u are wrong. I answered all questions.
    HR interview
    My HR first started with a good looking lady for 10 mins after which she called up another lady and my HR again started from the begining.
    Lady 1: How was ur day ?
    Me; Very fine.
    Lady 1: What makes u say so.
    Me: I cleared the wriiten lasy day. I was enjoying my time in solving the figures. I had a nice sleep last night. Woke up and had a very good Tech interview. So it was very fine for me.(She wore a nice smile on her face.....so did i.....never loose eye contact....a must for all interview......even if it's a ugly looking lady....i had no probs coz she had grey eyes...).
    Lady 1: Why sud we hire u ?
    Me: I have the qualification and (she stopped me)
    Lady 1: There are 1100 people with ur qualification.
    Me: ya and so do i.....i have the confidence, drive, motivation,energy, Ability to learn quick, confidence,determination and the ability that if i am hired i will make a through success.
    Lady 1: Family backgroung ?
    Me: Told all about family. Added a line too : In my family the education of both me and my bro were gven the top priority.
    Lady 1: Why L n T ?
    Me: L n T Inf. is a part of the largest L n T group. It has the greatest infrastructure. Great tarining. Great facilities (Said from ppt). It will be my honor to be associated with such a group.
    Lady 1: What sacrifices will u make ?
    Me: I will have to leave home....coz they don't have centres at Kolkata. Learn various skills.
    Lady 1: U wait for a min.....i am coming back.
    Here comes LADY 2...................
    Lady 2: What does ur name mean ?
    Me: In bengali it means Day light.
    Lady 2: What does raat spell in bengali ?
    Me: It's raatri.
    Lady 2: U have mentioned ur Honesty,Team player,Analytical,problem solving skill as skills. Give an example to show that ur honest nad team player.
    Me: I am honest, and it can be shown that i have written everything honestly in my form. This char. can be shown acc. to situation. Team player: I was  captain of Cricket team and was a mid-fielder in football team. We won the chapionship in first year and in the next year i was dropped coz our team was very powerful. Although i was not playing i was happy coz our team was performing well. I think i have the team spirit for a team player which is one of the main req of  a software professional.
    Lady 1: What r the requirements of a soft prof. ?
    Me: Team spirit,Drive,motivation,helpful...............and i have all those qualities.
    Lady 2: Analytical & Prob. solving.....Proove it.
    Me: I have cleared the written paper which was fully analytical type. I like to solve prob. so i like solving puzzles of Sakuntala Devi. I am good in maths.
    lady 1: Why u took Enginnering ? And what makes u feel that u r good in prob. solving ?
    Me: I was interested in Maths n Physics from my school days. I scored high marks in 9-10 which made me realize that i am good enough for engg and i have the skill of solving complex problems. I like solving any prob. from personal probs to those related to computer or projects. I joined engg. coz i felt that i cud improve my khowledge n Skills in math n physics by getting into B.Tech.
    Lady 2: I give u Rs 100 and tell u to buy apples and u go to market and find apples n Mangoes. What will u buy n Why ?
    Me: Apples coz i have been told to do so.
    Lady 2: u wrote in ur form that u have stammer.Is this nervousness. What ur doing to improve it ?
    Me: No mam ! My stammer is hereditary. And i am trying to speak in a diff. accent which is helping me a lot. (For those who stammer....Try to speak english in a diff. accent it really works.....I hav this prob since childhood....so i speak English just like the UK type coz the accent is much less in those languages unlike bengali where the tongue moves a lot).
    Lady 2: Any campus interviews ?
    Me: ya i have. I appeared for TCS and HCL while i was in college. I cleared both the written n Pchyco and failed in the interviews in both the test. (I didn't metion that i also got rejected in many other interviews as well coz they don't like students who fail too much in interviews.).
    Lady 1: why u got rejected ?
    Me: Maybe, I was not techically sound then. ( I managed to peep in a paper about me written 'Technical-good') I studied my techs. in these 3 months to improve my techs. So i didn's sat for any exam (The truth was there was no off-campus in Kolkata in these 3 months, so i didn't got the opportunity- ;-). I saw the adv. of L n T in the newspapers so i applied, got call, cleared written n Tech and now i am here.
    Lady 1: Between truth n Comfort which one will u choose n Why ?
    Me: I will go for truth......coz i am always comfortable when i am truthful.
    Lady 1: ready to go anywhere /
    Me: yes mam ! No problems.
    Lady 1: Any questions u wub like to ask ?
    Me: What r the recent projects undergoing ?
    Lady 1: data warehouse,.....
    Me: Another mam ! What r the biggest challenges that i will b facing in L n T ?
    Lady 1: Leaving home, working long hours,.......
    I asked another question that i forgot.........
    Lady 1 & 2 : Thank u Dibalok ! Plzz wait outside u can chk mail by tuesday or wait till today evening.
    Me: Thank u mam.
    I left.
    The HR was cool for me. They fired some diff. questions but i was prepared. Always learn some eg. to show ur skills. Thay will surely ask u. Don't keep mum in Technical if u don't know. And answer all ques. in HR, if possible learn good answers for the common questions in HR. I had to wait for 6 hrs for the results to b out. At about 7:15PM the results were finally out. Me n Debolina were the only 2 from JIS. Sadly enough they hav no centre in Kolkata so i will hav to go to Pune,Mumbai,chennai,Bangalore, Mysore or navi Mumbai.
    My tips to all my mates n juniors is that just keep on trying....u will surely succeed. Something is destined for all of u. i had a torried time these four months, but i kept on applying and trying. Just don't sit idle but keep looking for it. It may come by surprise just like that of me. I was a 'bekar' on Friday & n Saturday i got a job on L n T. I didn't even knew that i had L n T on Tuesday but within 4 days i got a job.
    I thank each and everybody who directly or indirectly has helped me in my various difficult times.

    (Paper Submitted By : Dibalok)

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