L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -10 Oct 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidates Experiences   -10 Oct 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hai, this is Praveen Kumar, from PONDICHERRY ENGINEERING COLLEGE, this is the continuation of my sweet memories, I cleared the written test which was conducted on July 26th, results came on Sep 27, and they called for interview on October 10th in Chennai, at L&T head quarters, I attended for the interview, on Oct 29 they send mail to my college T&P cell, fortunately I am one among L&T engineers. 

    Now I want to share my interview experiences with you, the interview is very simple for me; it is a matter of ten minutes. For electrical department they allotted 2
    panels, my panel consists of 2 persons (their age is 28-35). 

    Praveen: Good morning sir,
    Interviewer1: good morning take your seat.
    I1: tell me about your self (I2 took my file and he gone through the file.)
    P: (I spoke with less volume, I1 told don?t worry, and we are just like u r friends, speak loudly), I gave one minute introduction. He enquired about my family background.
    I2: tell me about u r project
    P: I told for two minutes,
    I1: Do you know what is the work you are going to do in L&T.
    P: errection
    I1: u r belongs to power electronics department; here u r work is power systems. how you will adapt the situation
    P: I managed.
    I1: what do you know about L&T
    P: L&T is an very big construction company, in L&T only without any background we can able to grow up to C.E.O. level.,
    I1: who is the C.E.O. of L&T.
    P: I think for 10 sec, I told some naik sir.,
    I1: Do u know how he came to L&T, and his life and how he grown.
    P: I don?t know sir
    I1: for u r information I will tell, He joined in L&T as GET, and he crossed many levels and became C.E.O.
    I1: how u know about naik
    P: in PPT, they mentioned about him, I collected some information from lntecc.com website.
    I2: how we will select cables,
    P: I told about transmission lines
    I2: I am asking about under ground cables.
    P: I can?t able to recollect, but those are used in populated areas.
    I1: here your work is designing the system, we are having many vendors, they will give products, you have to design, r u having any problem
    P: no problem sir,
    I1: ok this information is enough.
    I2: returned my file and resume.

    Ok friends, I want to conclude one thing, never loose confidence on you, I attended TCS, WIPRO also, I didn?t short list, but I am interested in core job, fortunately, I got L&T.

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