L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Whitefield, Bangalore-22 Oct 2010

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   Whitefield, Bangalore-22 Oct 2010

  • Posted by  FreshersWorld 
    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Everyone,

    I attended lnterview Infotech open walkin on 23rd Oct and Bangalore. I reached the lnterview office at 7 am and saw around 12000 candidates fighting to get in. The seen got worse as police came in and dispersed the crowd. Only few had entered and wrote the test. Finally after long wait in hot sun at 2 pm i got in and at 6 pm in even we were handed the question paper.

    Pattern: 90 questions in 90 mins. But due to lack of time it was reduced to 60 questions in 60 mins. Paper was easy. Then we were told that short listed candidates will be informed through mail. on 26th Oct I got mail that I've been cleared the written test and was asked to come to hkbk college for GD.

    Ee were given a form to fill

    GD: 10 mem. topic: Uniform should be compulsory or not. They just see your english eye contact and some relavant point. I said only 2 relevant points and was selected.

    Then was asked to come personal interview on 29th Oct at same venue.

    It was first interview face to face was bit nervous but gathered all confidence and went.

    There were around 15 panels conducted both technical and HR at once. My panel consisted of 2 HRs.

    Me: Good morning sir with hand shake
    HR1: Please be seated
    Me: Thank you.
    HR1: So abhinandan how was your day

    Me: Fine till now sir. Just waiting to clear the final step to lnterview.
    HR1: Ok

    HR1: So you are from
    Me: dwd sir

    HR1: Srenghts
    Me: told

    HR2: What is favourite pass time
    Me: Browsing
    HR2: What
    Me: Social networking

    HR2: Tell some latest technology in mobile
    Me: Told

    HR1: Do you know any OS other than Micrsoft
    Me: Told only 1

    HR1: How do you put a pc software into a mobile phone
    Me: Told something but he was noy convienced

    HR1: What is opamp
    Me: Got stuck could not tell

    HR1:? ok
    HR2: How good are you at C?
    Me: I'm not much comfortable with C sir but I've the basics

    HR2: Ok. Tell me the difference b/w C and Java
    Me: Don't know sir

    HR2: Ok
    HT1: Why lnt infotech (this was question i was waiting for)

    Me: Told {both were impressed}
    HR1: How long will you be with us

    Me: Told
    Hr2: Are you comfortable in Chennai

    Me: No problem sir
    HR1: Any questions

    Me: Me asked and he explained
    HR1: Ok Abhinandan you can leave

    Me: Thank you with handshake

    As I was leaving Hr2: Abhi! please wait near the office results will be announced there.

    After half hour a lady came with results of selected candidates and i was so happy seeing my name. My 1st offer letter was handed to me.

    Package: 2.2L during training and 3L after that.

    My failures were TCS, Accenture, Seimens, Bosch, TaTa Elxi, Oracle.

    All the best Guys.

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