L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RIMT,Mandi Gobindgarh-24 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   RIMT,Mandi Gobindgarh-24 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hello friends I am from Amritsar College Of Engg. & Tech., Amritsar. I got through d selection procedure of L&T Infotech... a joint campus was organised at RIMT, Mandi Gobindgarh on April 24, '07...

    The selection procedure was
    1. Written Test 
    2. Extempore 
    3. Profile Interview...

    Written exam consisted of 90 questions 2 be completed in 90 minutes.There was no negative marking.. 1. Quants (30 ques) 2. Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning (30ques) 3. English (30 ques) 1920 students from north india took the test. Written was not very tough... RS Agarwal will do for reasoning n quant... tk cr of english... need to concentrate on vocab. quant ques were from time n work, profit n loss, percentage, matrix, time and speed, work ... try to attempt atleast 70% from each section first.. if time is available then do the rest.. time management is very imp.... quant will tk time... no negative marking n there was sectional cut off too.

    Out of 1920, 404 cleared d aptitude.The result was available on the internet at 10 pm in the night.

    The next day we again headed to the institute for extempore and interview. We were divided in groups of 20...My topic of extempore was: What u wear is what u are.

    tips: Keep Smiling. be confident. try to be dressed well.. The pronunciation and accent needs to be impeccable

    almost 10 cleared from our grp. 220 students cleared n went in 4 interview... We were given a four page form to be filled. It was used in the interview and all the questions asked were from it only. We took 20 mins to fill the form only.

    my interview took place at 7:30 pm.

    Tell me somethin about urself...?
    Which projects u worked on?
    Being a student of ECE how can u cope up with the ITians?
    Why did not u choose CSE or IT..?
    You write poems..
    Share a poem of urs with us?
    You like listening to Sufi songs.. We would like u to share a sufi song with us..??
    What are your strengths?
    What do u mean that u are altruistic?
    Have you taken the tests of other companies?
    If we select u today, can u relocate yourself anywhere in India?
     Are you ready to sign a bond for two years with us?

    The interview was just a profile interview.. just be confident and keep smiling. Nothing else matters. My interview lasted for 15 mins. The result
    was announced in an hour and my name was the second on the list.

    Finally 185 students were selected and PPT was held of the finally selected candidates. I had taken 6 tests but could not clear the written tests. This was my 7th chance, not only I cleared the test, extempore but also the interview IN ONE SLOT.. I am a part of the famous Larsen and Toubro now.. Thank u god, parents and freshersworld. Hope to see you at the great L & T?

    Gauravjeet Singh

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