L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPEC ,Ghaziabad..-4 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   IPEC ,Ghaziabad..-4 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    hii frens, i am rishi madan (COMPUTER SCIENCE) from ABES Engg. college, ghaziabad.. recently i have gone through the selection procedure of L n T INFOTECH. held in IPEC ,Ghaziabad..

    there were 3 rounds in total.
    1. written
    2. tech interview
    3. HR round.. 

    1. written:-
    we had our written paper on 4th of april...there were 3 sections (Quantitative apti., logical reasoning, english). total 90 questions,30 in each section. duration 90 minutes. there was sectional cut-off, but the question are fairly easy.  main thing is dat u have 2 atttempt all sections equally... at least more than 22 from each. every topic was covered in whole testpaper.

    refer R.S aggarwal(Quant and verbal - non verbal both).. including.
    3. time n work.
    5.many more..

    English is general. not too tough.. some questions of  analogy, synonyms, 1 short n very easy paragraph.. n similar question..

    2.TECH interview:-
    My interviewer is very bindaas type, but still he made every step to make me nervous.. it was totally filled of stress. they will ask u from ur subject of interest, but then they go in the deepest of that subject. my interview last for  1 hr n 15 min..n this was the maximum in all other interviews. i m very good at programming. I said him to ask from it,, but he was not interested in it.

    he saw my mark sheets very carefully and then he judge that i m good at maths.. as i had scored 99 in maths in class 10 n also got a certificate from maths Olympiad. so he asked for trigonometry, coordinate geometry, ap gp hp, maths puzzles aroun 5-6 n many more... some data structure....as i m from CS branch....after a long interview , i think i made him flat from my confident answers. he was just checking my confidence, my approach towards problem... he was asking me all dose things, where i was saying dat i m not comfortable wid.. as he was just checking my approach...your mark sheets will matter a lot.. he had seen my all mark sheets right from 10 until 5th sem, very carefully...  don't ever say that i m bad at technical.. coz THEY WANT 100% technically sound persons..

    The only thing that make u win is------ BE CONFIDENT ,,, don't get into stresses, wear a smile.. be frank wid interviewer, if u don't know the answer say no.. coz the interviewer knows every thing...

    3.HR round
    its a mere formality..this round last for just 4-5 minutes. he simply ask bout me my family,my strengths. THey also checked our patience as we cleared our written on 4th , tech on 6th  and finaly hr result on 20 th april. Its a very fine Company...

    BEST OF LUCK 2 all...never lose ur heart..


    Rishi madan

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