L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   FIEM Kolkata-3 Apr 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   FIEM Kolkata-3 Apr 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012



    HI?????..FRIENDS,I  want to share my EXPERIENCE with ?U?.Firstly I want to introduce myself .


    HAI ,I Am  PAYEL,proud to persue my B-TECH in ELECTRONICS & COMMUNICATION ENGINEERING,at CALCUTTA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.I faced a  PULL CAMPASING held at FIEM on 3RDApril,2007.There were near about 24 colleges for this campasing.There were THREE  rounds for this selection process.This selection process were divided into three slots.Our college&some other colleges were in first slot.

    The FIRST round was APTITUDE TEST.
    There were three types of  sets.1.WHITE;2.YELLOW;3.PINK;My set was WHITE. 
    Each set consisted of three parts.

    Each & every part of this set was 30questions&the total questions were 90&the time was 90 minutes. But there was cut off marks 60 for each part. Time was so consuming  so you need practice.For appti.&reasoning part I will suggest you Quantitative Apptitude&Verbal&Non-Verbal Reasoning from R.S.AGGARWAL.For Verbal part Barron?s book is switable.Quantitative questions most were from Average, Profit & Loss, Time & Work, Time & Distance, Boats&Streams,S.I.,C.I.,Series,Races&Games,Pie Charts,Pipes&Cisterns Like that;PIPES P&Q CAN FILL A TANK IN 5&6 HOURS RESPECTIVELY.PIPE C CAN EMPTY IT IN 12 HIOURS.IF ALL THE PIPES ARE OPENED ,HOW MUCH TIME THE TANK WILL TAKE TO FILL?

    In First Slot out of 600 students near about 150 students clear the apptitude.No(-)Marks.

    The SECOND round was EXTEMPORE. Because the no.of students who cleared the first round ,were so much.In this round SIR said that we can choose our topic but it should not be related to our personal matters&technical skills.I choose my topic ?ACHIEVEMENT?.There time allotment was near about 2minutes.From our group out of 16 students 4students are selected including me.In this round you must speak Fluently, Confidently and must finished your topic within1or1.5min.

    The THIRD round was HR round.I was the First candidate for this round. Sir was so Polite&Friendly. I could not lost my confidence until the last moment. There were some questions which asked from me from my Extempore topic. And some other questions like that:   
    1:Introduse yourself
    2:What do you think Why the other students eliminated from Extempore round?
    3:If you think yourself as a teamleader then,What are the a Precausions you take for their improvement?
    4:As your steam is E.C.E,Why you choose IT sector?
    5:Family Backround,Achievements,Strong&WeakPoints
    6:Some simple 2or3  Technical questions,Some Information about the Company.
    7:Do you have any problem to go anywhere because L&T INFOTECH have few branches in INDIA ?

    LAST question was,So Payel What do you think L&T Will be your DREAM COMPANY?   I told very happily YES SIR: The duration of my total HR was 20min.      Tommorow  4TH  April at 1:30pm after PPT the Result declared and I was SELECTED.   I got the offer letter&they have 2Yrs bonding.At last 134students were selected out of 2500students approximately.

    OK,FRIENDS BEST OF LUCK. I think my Suggestion  and Experience Will Help you a Lot. THANKING YOU,



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