L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   DDIT College,Nadiad-23 Sep 2007

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Candidate Experiences   DDIT College,Nadiad-23 Sep 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012


    Hi,This is RUCHI studying in SCET,Surat..
    .The test consisted of three stages
    2.Group Discussion
    3.Personal Interview

    Aptitude consisted of three sections.

    1.Quantitative aptitude
    2.Logical Reasoning
    3.Verbal english...
    90questions were ther to b solvd in 90mins..i started wid 2nd sec.coz tht was i belived i wil b able to do it quickly...nd thn i attempted english part...Frnds ther's nothing 2 wory bout d eng section...if u r very well versed wid R.S.AGGARWAL verbal non verbal reasoning chps...thn tht wil b an easiest part,neways i hav nt read tht buk cmpltly...jus a few pages..nd u cn easily clear out d cut off,my quanti part was nt so strong nd so i left tht section 4 d end...few questions i attempted wid confidence,rest all were blind gueses...coz ther's was no negative markin so dnt leave ne quest unmarked...may b ur guesses may lead u directly to GD....
    that very day our result was announced 4 apti..it was unbelivable 4 me to belive tht i was selected b'se i was afraid of my 1st part..stil luck favored me nd i was thru to d GD..wich was to b held on d next day tht is 24th sept..the person who was takin our gd was a very friendly nd cool person...he first of all askd to share our topics wid him...v suggestd sm bt he felt tht were quiet common..so he suggestd to take smthng new nd innovative...thn he came up wid an idea lets nt to discuss...lets make it like an xtempore...everyone has to speak nd share der views on d topic"if v vere d head of dis recruitment thn wat steps v vud hav taken"...my turn was 3rd last...so all d points wer covered almost...bt dnt wory dey dnt chek ur content dey jus chek ur confidence level...wheter u r a gud speaker or nt...nd thn u r thru 2 next nd final round tht is PI....nd d same happend i was selectd 4 d PI...at tht time..i felt like i nw by huk or cruk.. hav to clear dis PI....

    nd the luuck again favored me...the person who took our gd tuk my PI...so ther was no point to fear...it was TECH+HR...i was askd first to describe myself...thn sm general questions like y L&T infotech...if sm other cmpny offers u higher salary,wil u switch or nt?...r u relocatable to ne place...tech like wat r linkd list?wat is a data structure???..such few easy quesitons wer askd...so finaly our result declard nd i got selectd ....so its just tht u need sm confidence ,patience nd sm mind(lollz)thts a compulsion...to b thru ...so all d very best to all of you...CU in L&T...

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