L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   DSCE, Bangalore-18 Jan 2011

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   DSCE, Bangalore-18 Jan 2011

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    7 Jan, 2012

    Hi Guys,

    I am Himanshu from Electronics & communication (Dayananda Sagar, Bangalore). I attended L&T pool campass in our college. There were 4 colleges who participated. We were around 650 peoples before written after written we were around 300 after that GD was there around 150 people. Next day was technical after technical interview tere were about 65 and after HR interview the final list consist of 55 peoples.
    16 were there from our college including me. Mainly CS, IT, EC, MCA people were there in the final list.
    The exam was of 90 mins 90 questions
    1. Aptitude (30 questions)
    2. Reasoning (30 questions)
    3. Verbal (30 questions)
    Written test:
    There were sectional cut-off which they didn't disclose. Later during interview I saw in the omr sheet of people who cleared written that they kept 15 as cut-off in each of the three sections.
    Reasoning was very easy, verbal was intermediate and aptitute was a bit lengthy but easy I mean you can ans the aptitude easily but you have to be fast in calculation. That is questions were easy but involed big muliplication including fractions.
    I cannot recal all the questions but I would like to tell you some of them which I got

    Aptitute: It was very time cnsuming and involved lengthy multiplication includind fractions. If you are fast in calculation thn clearig this section will be very very easy for you
    1. 2 problems on solving basic determint multiplication
    2. 1 problem on clock
    3. 1 problem on trigonometry
    4. Questions on paternshp.
    5. 5 simple data interpretation, 2 of them on average.
    6. Graph problem consisting of 5 related problem to that paticula questions.
    7. Gain and loss 2 or 3 questions.
    Reasoning: It involves very very simple questions. You can easily complete this section in 20 mins.
    3 questions on puzzles, one of them involved 5 sub questions, blood relationship 2 questions, problems on logical ven diagram, around 6 problem on sign like they will give you 4 pics in a question and tell you to find the wrong one and also some type question like 2 of them where they told to find the 4th pic. Problems on data interpretation etc etc

    It consists of simple synonyms, 1 very lng cmprehention (I will suggest you to leave the comprehention for last there are other scoring questions where you will score easily and in less time. Please remember that)
    2 or 3 questions where you are told to find the error in a sentence split into 4 parts
    2 or 3 questions where you will be told to find the summery. Simple fill the blanks etc etc.
    Friends I will suggest you to have a clear picture in mind before writing the exam about the exam time management, which section will you gve how much time. For me it helped greatly and don't exceed the time you decided with each section even if you have not finishd all the questions of that section. Leave the rest of questions for last.

    Group Discussion:
    We were give the topic "MBA in India. hyped too much?"
    We were around 15. Out f which 7 got selected. We were given 5 mins for GD and 1 min for conclusion the instructor told us that she is looking for 1st good communication skill ,2nd good listner, and how do you mingle in a group and she told us not to look at her during GD, not to stop others from talking. The people who had good soft skill got selected my communication skills was not that good.
    I raised some 3 points points with a very good example that come in that days news paper about CAT (Which I saw in lunch break while reading news paper just before GD starts) but I was on the average of rejection as my communication skills were not good. At the lst moment I got selected because only 2 of us give conclusion and I got news from inside before itself that those who were giving intro and cnclusion they were getting selected I was in the 7th number in the list.

    There were four interviewer in 4 different rooms. Each of them were asing on different topics. It depands on your luck in which room you will get.
    In 1 room I heard the interviewer was asking only C/C++ and nothing else and if you not GD in C/C++ or if you had 1 back log also he was rejecting straigh forward. Other room was a lady she was very cool and she was very liberal and it was much oh HR question and hardly 1 technical question. I went in a room where the interviewer was asking questions related to your branch basics only. If you know the basics you are in I went inside confidently wished Goodafternoon, shake hands asked can I seat said thanks.
    1st question (introduce yourself)
    2nd so you are from ECE ok tell me what is diode?
    3rd how many type of biasing in diode and what are they?
    4th what is zener diode?
    5th what is clipper?
    What is difference between zener diode and clipper?
    Draw the o/p of clipper?
    Tell the practicle use of clipper and zener diode?
    I told sar I can't recall, sory
    Ok what is transistor?
    What is rectifier?
    Told. Here he tried to confuse me by giving an mschivious smile and asking are you sure? I told confidently yes sar I am sure
    Than he asked to draw transistor?
    Ansrd. But again he tried to confuse me but I told I was sure
    Different types of transistor and configaration
    Draw bridge rectifier?
    I told sorry sir but I can't recall.
    Then he asked waht is smicnductr mde of?
    Told after giving hints.
    Than he told ok you can leave do you have any questions from me?
    She asked (please ask some thing don't just say nothing sir and ask very GD question. I know it is a commn question they were going to ask so I that from before only what to ask. Ask some nice question so that the HR will have goog impression of you in his mind)

    HR round:
    It lasted from approx 1, 2 mins for all. They were basically seeing wether you fall into the company criteria or not thats it. They will ask your marks, if you have any backlogs, if you have year gap and at max 1 hour questions.

    For us the HR was super cool and a very young guy. He talked to us like friends.
    I enterd wished Good Afternoon than asked from seat said thanks fter seating he confirmed I had a back log in 5th sem and 1 year gap after 10th and saw any average. Than askd me ok tell me why IT? You can go to the core company as well?
    I answered but he was not that convinced. He asked me frankly are you in the IT for many tell me frankly the truth? Than he asked you have written you know C/C++ do you know really or just like that you have written. Than I told no sir I know little bit. He asked what is pointer. I answered than he tlod ok you can leave. I asked hm that's it sar? he tlod laughinly seeing at my face thats it, from today we need you upto this much.
    Next day  whom the results came I saw I was selected.

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