L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   - 1 Dec 2005

L&T Infotech  Placement Paper   Aptitude - General   - 1 Dec 2005

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    PART 1:->
    EKT(Engg Knowledge test) [technical] -Concentrate more on datastructure like sorting methods thier timings,Simple unix command like touch, simple C programs on strings.. The EKT test consisted of 40 objective type questions which we had to solve in 40 minutes.A majority of the questions were based on Mathematical Logic such as "reflexivity", "tautology","p^q->r" etc.The technical paper usually contains questions related to data structures, operating systems,c,c++,unix and many more comp.sci dept.The technical paper usually contains questions related to data structures,operating systems,c,c++,unix and many more comp.sci dept.It also contains questions from COBOL, LISP, C, Discrete Structures, Databases etc.There is a question on finding the hamming code.

    Some Questions :

    1) what is a smith chart used for
    2) how is impedance matching done and why do we need it (basically can talk about ideal power supply needing a low internal resistance and high load to function properly. so one stage of transistor amplifier has to have low o/p resistance and high i/p resistance for next stage- do look up all basic electronics) ( also about sinking high currents without damage)
    3) name all flipflops u know and working esp. master slave.
    4) c progaming - program to find how many 1's are present in an integer variable using bitwise operators. something about dynamic allocation, static functions, macros
    5) c++ virtual functions
    6) what types of control r there
    7) QPSK

    1. what is an inode in unix?
    2. small program in pascal to add a node to a linked list. (You have to
    tell what the program does)
    3. C strcmp program (You have to tell what the program does)
    4. set of dos commands testing basic familiarity with dir, ren *.t?t,
    cd etc.
    5. what is the order of binary search?
    6. what is the order of strassens matrix multiplication?
    7. you have to maintain the sorted order of integers and insert
    integers . which data structure would you use? (tree, list, queue,
    8. There are two lists of integers to be merged. Which method would you
    not use?
    9. In an online database system when is data written to disk? (on
    pressing enter, when commit or update is encountered, at end of data,
    all of the above) (was clueless! )
    10. Small prolog function which prints 2345true. You need to tell
    11. Convert this binary into octal. 010 100 101
    12. Lisp program given. what does it do? (GCD, LCM, Multiplies mxn?)
    13. What is paging?
    14. what is segmentation?
    15. 2/3 questions on equivalence class, associative and commutative
    16. question on poset.
    17. one figure given, give regular expression for it (very basic)

    PART 2:->
    The second part is of 30 minutes and covers various (IMHO irrelevant) topics. Some more questions. Remember all are multiple choice questions with either 4 or 5 options so you have at least a 20-25% chance of being right even if you are clueless. No negative marking.

    Determining the next figure 3X3 matrix.They willnot give any example problems.U Have to find ur way. Prepare well in that Go through RS Agarval Verbal and non verbal reasoining and in reasoning there was only one kind of questions. That is, find the next match among a group of figures.
    Figure matrices:
    In Figure Matrices, 9 figures are arranged in the form of a matrix with one figure missing and the candidate is required to analyse the the complete sets, find out the common rule and then on its basis, find the missing figure in the incomplete set.It consisted of 36 questions on figure matrices which we had to solve in 30 minutes. The questions were easy but generally you don't get time to solve each and every problem.

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