L&T EmSys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-12 Jun 2007

L&T EmSys  Placement Paper   General - Other   Not Specified-12 Jun 2007

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    7 Jan, 2012

    L & T PAPER 

    i attended  the on campus  l&t embedded systems and iam happy to say that i got selected. there are 3 rounds

    1) Written test
    2) Technical interview
    3) HR interview

    Written test:-this test consist  of 3  papers.
    1)puzzle:- 8 diagrams  are given  , u have to find the 9th  diagram.there are 36 questions first 25 qns are easy then afterwards it becomes tougher. work out verbal & nonverbal aptitude byr.s. agarval(cut off is 27)

    2)electronics:- simple questions (logic design,microprocessor,signal &systems)from logic design and  microprocessor they are asked nearly 25 qns.
    3)c programming :15 qns to find the output(cut off is 7 for us) 
    16th one is programming using function pointer

    2) Technical interview :-we had the technical interview in their company itself
    there are 2 technical members are there
    tech:tell me about urself
    tech:explain your project and what is ur role in that project
    tech:what is universal gates and why it is called so
    tech:draw and using nor gate
    they gave some ckt and asked me to tell the o/p
    they gave one c program and asked me to give the o/p
    tech :they asked me how to add 128kb memory externally to the 8085 microprocessor? 

    3) HR interview:- this is not a elimination round .they asked some simple questions
    hr :-5
    so finally 5 got selected

    so the main elimination round is written test.there is a cut off in each section.no -ve marking. in . technical  u must know about  basic of all engineerning subjects.they will normally  ask questions from basic electronics,c,logic design ,microprocessor(memory mapping). the main thing the way u r explaining ur project to ur techies

    so all the best .........

    i want to say one thing dont loose ur heart when u lost the company. in bangalore 2400 it companies are there in that atleast in one company u can get .
    If u got selected l&t emsys come and speak with me o.k..............bye...............

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